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Danger of Playing Too Often

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Danger Of Playing Too Often

Are you in danger of playing too often in your chosen markets? We all want to gig more often, but have you really taken a look at how gigging too often in any given market might impact your ability to grow in that market? How can this be? Your audience dwindles Your pay never increases You can’t get prestigious gigs You are covered in the media less often Your CD or merchandise sales slump How can you avoid this unappetizing scenario? Keep track of your numbers- by tracking your sales, your audience counts and the size of the venues you are playing, you can see how much you are growing.…

Maximize Your Opening Act Slot

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Maximize Your Opening Act Slot

Maximize Your Opening Act Slot with these 7 tips. Summer time is touring time for most of the major recording artists. That means it may be the perfect time to be an opener for a well known act. If you’ve landed an opening act slot for either a single date or are lucky enough to be the support act for an entire tour, then here are 7 tips to help you maximize your opening act slot. These 7 tips will help you sell more CDs, endear yourself to the main act and their crew and win over a new audience. Make a great impression on the venue’s booking people and…

Want to Create Booking Momentum?

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Booking a gig to book a gig or fill a date just doesn't cut it! Artists I speak with are always moaning about large blocks of empty dates on their calendars. So that quick-fix-fill-a-date booking mentality just won't provide the kind of career longevity and booking ease you probably desire. What will? Booking momentum comes from strategic planning and taking a big picture view of your career. When you plan for the long-term, say, two years out, you can create some momentum by determining the reason you are booking each tour. Having a reason for each tour adds incentive, the urgency for the presenter or booker and the booking momentum…

BMI Live-Songwriters Get Paid

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Finally, at long last, BMI has created a system for performing songwriters to get paid for their live performances. At first blush, it is very similar to the SOCAN system in Canada. Now, with this new potential income stream, it is more important than ever to save your set lists from all of your gigs. (Please see Important Considerations below.)BMI has an instructional video on their website: seems a simple process to file your set lists. The form tells you the exact time-frame for which BMI is accepting submissions. You can even submit a new song for inclusion in your catalog directly from this form.BMI member assistants are standing by…

Buskers Do It! How About You?

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Buskers do it! How about you? If you are serious about you performing career, you can take the necessary steps to make sure it is a success. That’s exactly what singers/songwriters Coco and Lafe did when they took to the streets of Boston to begin their performing careers as buskers or street performers. Armed with a guitar, a sound system, a bucket full of original songs, their rescue beagle Lila and an Excel spreadsheet, they headed out each day, testing street corners, squares, parks, markets, malls, and subway stops. At the end of each day, they entered extensive notes into their spreadsheet. They tracked: Their income in tips CDs sales…