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Touring Strategies

Tour Marketing Template, Part One

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So you are working hard to book your tour, and the dates are falling into place smoothly. Now the biggest challenge ahead of you is to create some audience excitement and media interest. I believe that any project, tour or product you create needs to have the marketing plan in place while you are planning

How to Approach Booking Agents

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You have reached that point in your career development when adding an agent to your team would be a next logical step. Before you pick up the phone and start calling around, I suggest you do the following three steps.Take inventory and create an overview of your career position to date. This process and information

Hot Tips for Holiday Bookings

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Folks are gearing up for the big holiday hoopla as this Fourth of July begins to get noisy. Thinking about this holiday reminded me of the challenges of booking tours around holidays. I thought I would offer some tips about holiday bookings, which ones to go after and which ones to avoid. Some holidays can

Booking Festivals, Fairs and Events

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March is getting down to business month. With the summer festival season on the horizon, this is a great time to contact and line up your summer events calendar. Many of the major festivals already have their talent lined up and contracted. There are still some filler slots open at most of the major festivals.

Benefiting from Playing Benefits

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So many performers shy away from doing benefits, most often because they think "benefit" means they don't get paid. I would like to offer a different perspective on performing benefits. In fact, I suggest that you strategically incorporate benefits into your tour plans every year.First, let me dispel the notion that playing a benefit means