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Getting Accurate Audience Counts From Club Owners

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Playing clubs usually involves door sales. Depending on the deal you negotiate, it is very likely that your income will be partially or wholly dependent upon a percentage of the tickets sold.Many clubs have official box offices and sell pre-printed tickets, but many simply tear a ticket from a roll of non-specific tickets or simply

What to Do When the Show Gets Canceled

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Up until now, we've been concerned about getting the gig. But, what happens if either you or the promoter has to cancel the date? The first item of business is to make sure you have a good cancellation clause in your contract.Let's establish some basics. The first one, and most important, is that you have

The Right Documents for Booking Gigs

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You've probably read numerous articles espousing the benefits of having a written contract for all of your gigs. You might have even experienced one of those moments when you wish you had had a written contract for that one gig you did for your friend, who just didn't have the agreed upon amount money at

Negotiation Techniques: 5 Types of Deals, Part 2

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Now that you have some basic negotiation savvy, it is time to become familiar with some of the standard types of deals used when negotiating performance dates. I also suggest the various situations for which each deal is best suited. Keep in mind, however, that every negotiation can be as creative as the individuals participating.