Get Great Gigs

Strategic Coaching for Touring Artists

What can you do today in the service of your art that may help change someone’s life tomorrow?

“Art is the truly human act of creating something new that matters
to another person.”

Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception

Coaching Designed to Do 3 Things:

  • Book Gigs More Easily
  • Get Paid Higher Performance Fees
  • Develop a Loyal Following to Attend Your Shows & Support Your Projects

Get Ready To:

  • Design Your Tours to Achieve Your Goals-Artistic & Financial
  • Target Your Unique Audience, Find Your Perfect Venues
  • Create Audience-Specific Programs and Marketing
  • Match Your Marketing to Your Message
  • Fully Integrate Your Personal Life with Your Artistic Career
  • Recognize & Address Issues Preventing Your Success
  • Remove Your Competition to Create Easy Access to Recurring Gigs

Strategic Coaching for Touring Artists
We assess your current situation and define a strategic plan for your future.

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