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Dean Regan Interview - Episode 008

If you are a performing artist, a touring musician and were struggling to create a viable career before the pandemic, then this episode is for you. If you are weighing whether to keep or quit your day job, if you have one, and go full-time with your performing career, when you are able, then you want to meet my next guest and gain some insights into what’s possible.

I’m speaking with a dynamic music talent, a singer, dancer, actor, speaker and a licensed spiritual counselor. Dean Regan’s performances have taken him around the world including performances on Broadway and even The White House. Dean’s energetic, uplifting performances and experiences continue to change people’s lives.

Check it out.

Dean Regan Interview – Episode 008

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Next week I will be speaking with the Executive Director of The Ohio Arts Professionals Network, Jessica Rosenblatt. We’ll be discussing the concerns of presenting organizations as they navigate the challenges they face during the COVID shut-downs and potential re-openings.

Now check out this week’s interview: Dean Regan Interview – Episode 008

Stay well, be creative and keep smiling behind your mask!


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