Why Networking = Success

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Networking—is it an industry buzzword or is there really something to it? The word is bandied about in relation to conferences and showcasing but how can one take advantage of networking on a daily basis.The first suggestion I make to consultation clients is to use the resources you have at hand, rely on what and whom you already know. When asked, most people can come up with a number of contacts they have made in the past that might be helpful to them in their current situation. One example that comes to mind is contacting a local media person with whom you have developed a relationship in your hometown to…

Attending Booking Conferences Part 2: Trade Show

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Attending trade shows and booking conferences can put a huge dent in your wallet. If you have decided to explore the world of conferences as a means of boosting your career to a new level, the following will help make your experience more satisfying and save you unnecessary expenses.As I mentioned in "Attending Booking Conferences Part 1: Showcasing," when launching into the conference scene it is wise to plan ahead for two years. I know many artists who have plunged into a new conference and found themselves in over their heads both in money spent and inadequate knowledge to benefit from all their efforts. To avoid these mistakes, I suggest…

Attending Booking Conferences, Part 1- Showcasing

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Booking conferences seem to be cropping up in every state during all times of the year. I thought I would offer some tips on how to approach attending a large booking conference. Let me make a few distinctions first. Among the many varieties of conferences one may attend, some are geared toward bookings, (agents and artists connecting with promoters and club bookers) and other conferences are more media events where an artist may connect with prospective agents, managers, record labels and create a media buzz about their act. Promoters do attend these media events as well, and there is always potential for getting gigs, but much less so than at…

Are You Following Up Properly with Your Music Biz Contacts

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Persistent and consistent follow-up is one of the key elements to a successful touring career. This holds true whether you are trying to book a gig, land an interview with a local or major paper, get a record deal or find an agent or a manager. Those who simply send out their promotional packets and wait for a response may as well disconnect their phones and save on the monthly bill—you won't get a return call.This business is filled with very busy people trying to handle all of the thousands of incoming requests for gigs, articles, record deals and management deals. If you are serious about what you do, then…