Jeri Goldstein 2017

About Jeri Goldstein


Jeri Goldstein teaches self-motivated musicians and performing artists how to Get Great Gigs and create tours that make more money.

Become a Gig Magnet using the artist tested strategies and resources Jeri has developed. Learn how to book more events in your uniquely targeted niche market more easily. Jeri helps you narrow your focus to expand your audience and build a larger, more appreciative fan-base.

Touring is often the lifeblood of a performing artist. Jeri is committed to providing you with the tools you need to create profitable tours and achieve your career goals.


Learn the Booking and Touring Success Strategies you need to Get Great Gigs with her 7 Module Online Course, topic-specific audio classes and Biz Booster Mentor Interviews with industry professionals.

For more in-depth attention to your career development, Jeri works one-to-one to coach you and help develop your specific tour strategies and create your unique marketing materials. Her Purpose Driven Career Development Coaching programs will provide you with focus, methods, and strategies to boost your touring and increase your income.


Gain from Jeri’s twenty years experience as a booking agent and artist’s manager creating tours for her artists in the US, Canada, Europe and the South Pacific. Benefit from her work with performing art centers, universities, clubs, festivals government agencies, arts councils and independent promoters as well as major and small boutique record labels. She leveraged that experience into an entertainment industry author, sought-after speaker, seminar presenter, artist development consultant and career coach.


University music business programs and performing artists around the world turn to her first book, How To Be Your Own Booking Agent THE Musician’s & Performing Artist’s Guide To Successful Touring as THE resource for teaching how to create and maintain a touring career that works. She recently published her second book, The Tiny Guide to Huge Success 100 Biz Boosting Hot Tips to Ignite Your Performing Career. Filled with actionable steps that can be implemented easily, Biz Boosters move your career along at a manageable, consistent pace.

Keep up with strategies that can make a difference in your career now, with Jeri’s weekly Biz Booster Hot Tips! Just fill in the form on this page to begin to Get Great Gigs and transform all of your tours into strategic, career-boosting, money-making tours. Download your free report Get Great Gigs, 5 Booking Strategies That Work after you’ve signed up and start to receive your weekly Biz Booster Hot Tip!