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Writing Web Copy with the Reader in Mind

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Home pages, blogs, social networking sites, sales pages, press releases and merchandise pages all written to communicate with current or prospective fans, bookers, media, clients, customers or business associates. But, is your copy or your message truly written with those readers in mind?Before you "throw up a home page or a landing page," consider these

Why Every Performance Counts

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While driving through Missouri on my way to teach a seminar, I heard a report on National Public Radio about the power of a song. All Things Considered former producer, Marika Partridge, had attended a festival where she heard a song by Pat Humphries nearly one year ago. Her story was about how this one

How to Turn Your Gigs Into Major Media Events

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So you're barreling along, booking tour dates, doing your promotion, playing the gigs and generally feeling pretty good about the way things are going. Yes? But you're thinking to yourself, "How can I spice things up, make them more exciting for everyone, especially the media and bring a bit more attention to this road show?"

Use the Past to Promote Your Future

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Not everyone is an emerging artist. You might be starting a new phase of your career with new band members, a new release and a whole new outlook on the business. In the past, your band had some success, achieved some recognition and toured extensively. Don't just bury the past; use it to boost your