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Michael Carducci Interview - Episode 006

How do career as a magician and an enterprise software developer coexist to create a lucrative performing career with a completely unique niche audience? You will find that out in my interview with Michael Carducci, magician and enterprise software developer, who struggled to stay connected with prospective buyers. He solved this problem for himself and performers world-wide, as you’ll discover in our interview.

You will also be surprised to hear our conversation about how being diagnosed with ADD influenced his life. Michael shares some pretty powerful insights into how to work with what you’ve got to change outcomes and open new possibilities.

He also offers a clear perspective on how to determine when to quit a day job that is no longer serving your needs or your desires. Check it out.

Michael Carducci Interview– Episode 006

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Next week I’ll be interviewing Amber Shaverdi Huston, The Executive Director of, the oldest campus activity organization. This is the organization that established a block booking or a cooperative booking method to help build efficient and profitable tours. Find out what they are doing to serve their members during these COVID-19 times.

Now check out this week’s interview: Michael Carducci

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