Ruth Pelham Interview – The Music Mobile

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Ruth Pelham Interview -The Music Mobile

Ruth Pelham is the Creator of the Music Mobile, a unique inner-city program in Albany, NY. She’s a children’s musician, singer, songwriter, recording artist, educator, activist, and global community builder.

If you were a child in inner-city Albany, NY and heard the Music Mobile song playing from the speakers of a brightly decorated blue van as it rode the streets of your neighborhood, you came running to share some fun, some music, some crafts and a unique community building, learning experience, unlike any other. Check out how one musician changed an entire city one neighborhood at a time.

The Music Mobile

The Music Mobile on the Streets of Albany

Check out this week’s episode – Ruth Pelham Interview – The Music Mobile – Episode 014

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Next week I’ll be speaking with Canadian singer, songwriter, keynote speaker, school and business workshop facilitator, sailor and most recently rower. Over the course of his career, he has created multiple programs that expanded his audiences, helping him get widespread media coverage and allowing him to use his songwriting, recording and producing skills.

Now check out this week’s interview:
Ruth Pelham Interview- The Music Mobile -Episode 014

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