Are Your Goals Still Appropriate for This Year

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Are Your Goals Still Appropriate For This Year - by Jeri Goldstein     

Are your goals still appropriate for this year since you set those lofty goals a few years ago?


If you’re like me, I review and make new goals every year and then revamp them midway through the year. Then I laugh at what might have derailed the whole plan.


If you are still working on goals, you set at an earlier stage of your life and career, are your goals still appropriate for you at your current age and stage of your career now? How often to you review those long-term goals? Are you tweaking your goals regularly to keep up with life’s changes and career growth?


Are your programs still suited to your current audience or have you changed those demographics as well?


And what about the type of venues you are playing, are those still right for you at this stage or have you also outgrown them?


Take some time this week, while you are heading to your next gig or relaxing on vacation with the family or friends, to think about those goals. Reconnect with the ones that still hold value for you and see how you might modernize them to work with your life now. Revamp the ones that seem outdated or that you’ve already reached. And set some new goals to carry you forward for the next few years.


The times, the technology the methodology and the strategies are all changing more quickly than we can keep up with. Shouldn’t you match your goals with the times to stay current?


For some, the winter is filled with time off from touring, doing some recording projects and for others, you might take a southern route to keep touring. No matter what speed you are traveling this winter, there should
always be some time to check your compass and make sure you’re are heading in the right direction. When you are, success is just ahead of you—within reach. As you head into a new year, this is the perfect time to be asking, “Are your goals still appropriate?”


When was the last time you checked your goals to see if they are in sync with your life now? So, are your goals still appropriate?

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