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Presenters and Live Gigs During COVID

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Presenters and Live Gigs During COVID

Let’s consider the presenters and live gigs during COVID. Last week, I looked at some of the considerations performers needed to think about as you plan to do live performances. This week, I want to offer some of the concerns that presenters are dealing with as they think about how to open their venues safely. Presenting organizations around the world are having in-depth conversations among presenter networks, arts councils, funding sources, presenter conference organizations, small and large venue owners and managers and their staff and with the artists that perform in their facilities. There is no question that everyone involved in the performing arts wants to get back to the…

Delegating Versus Dumping Reminder

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delegating verses dumping

Delegating versus dumping is a delicate matter. There is always some part of your business that you would like just to have someone else do for you. How often do you say, "If only I had…" you fill in the blank, an agent, a manager, a publicist, an assistant. No matter who works with you on your behalf, you still need to be in charge. After all, it is your career. When or if you ever have that person working for you, you need to make a choice as to how you will manage the relationship and the flow of work. You may delegate specific aspects of your business over…

Practical Planning for Our New Reality

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We have some time now for some practical planning for our new reality as performing artists. As so many artists are jumping on the live streaming platforms to hurry up and schedule shows, put out tip jars, ask for donations on various social crowd funding platforms, I thought I’d lend some additional ideas for how to spend this time. Certainly, all the above are great options to help build your brand and share your talents with your people. In addition, let’s think strategically so we can plan for now and for later. Here are some general strategies that you might consider doing no matter your target audience or venue type.…

COVID-19 and Performing Artists

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As we all begin to face the current health pandemic, COVID-19, performing artists and the entertainment industry are forced to make difficult choices and deal with drastic cuts to income due to cancelled live gatherings. I've received some helpful information from various arts advocacy organizations who are addressing this on behalf of the performing arts community. I am sharing this information with you so that you are up to date with resources and thoughtful ideas of how to navigate this challenge. Folk Alliance in collaboration with The Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences, have offered the following resources and are hosting a live webinar Town Hall Wednesday, March 18 from 3…

Overwhelmed with To Dos

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Overwhelmed by To Dos

I’m overwhelmed by to dos! I hear it all the time-there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it all. How many minutes ago did you say that one? This is especially true when you are managing your own career or running your own business. When you are overwhelmed by tasks, you are less effective-right? But did you catch the word tasks? That’s right, most of the time we are overwhelmed by tasks. This could be a clue to how you are prioritizing where you place your attention. Let’s make a few lists so we can see this right in front of us. List 1: What things…

Are You Waiting to Start Your Career

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Are you waiting to start your career? Who or what are you waiting for? I've run into this often. Artists waiting for something else to be in place before they can really get serious. There's always something else that might need to happen, could happen or should happen before you can really get started, isn't there? What is it in your life? What do you need to be perfect before you get moving? Here are just a few things that I've run into lately that might get in your way before you do what is necessary to move your career along? 1. Technology - you don't have this or that…

Are Your Methods Still Working?

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Are Your methods Still working

Are your methods still working? So, as you review how you have managed your business over the last 4 years, can you identify one thing you have been doing repeatedly to achieve desired outcomes? Is there one way you have been booking your dates or making your calls or marketing your act? Has it been working time and again? Are you satisfied with the results you’ve been achieving? Are your methods still working for you? If you are, then please identify that method or strategy and repeat it often in everything you do. BUT, if it has not delivered the results you are after, then again, identify that strategy or…

Are Your Goals Still Appropriate for This Year

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Are your goals still appropriate for this year since you set those lofty goals a few years ago?   If you're like me, I review and make new goals every year and then revamp them midway through the year. Then I laugh at what might have derailed the whole plan.   If you are still working on goals, you set at an earlier stage of your life and career, are your goals still appropriate for you at your current age and stage of your career now? How often to you review those long-term goals? Are you tweaking your goals regularly to keep up with life's changes and career growth?   Are…

Here Are 3 Best Practices for the New Year

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Here are 3 best-practices for the New Year that you might make part of your routine this year and for years to come. The new year is off and running. Holiday travel is winding down and winter is about to kick into high gear. Are you ready? Adopt these 3 best-practices and you will have an advantage over other artists vying for the same gigs. Practice Gratitude: One sure-fire way to build great relationships in business and in life is to demonstrate your appreciation to those with whom you interact. From the business perspective, that might simply mean remembering to send Thank You notes to bookers, presenters, media folks and…

Time to Celebrate You During The Holidays

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Celebrate You 2020

It's time to celebrate you during the holidays.   Take a break from planning, practicing and do some partying. You’ve earned it after a full year of nose to the grindstone, conferences, phone calls, newsletters and emails.   I always take Christmas week and reflect, regroup, re-organize my office and get ready to dive into the New Year. It’s really a great time to celebrate-but not just the holidays. It’s a great time to celebrate all you’ve accomplished over the last year. We don’t do that enough. We don’t congratulate ourselves for what we’ve achieved, large or small.   As independent artists we are most likely not involved with an…