Writing Great Introductory Emails Part 2

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Writing Great Introductory Emails Part 2
Writing Great Introductory Emails Part 2 - by Jeri Goldstein     

I’m picking up from the last Biz Booster to continue with my eight steps for writing great introductory emails or cover letters. As a review, I’ve covered steps one through four that included,  Step One: Know who you are writing to and what they represent; Step Two: write individualized emails rather than sending large bulk emails; Step Three: demonstrate you know something about them before you talk about you, your act or what you want; and Step Four: pitch them something they can sell.

3 More Steps to Writing Great Introductory Emails

Step number five: Now you are ready to make your request for a gig. In doing so, be very specific. Even if you do not have any other gigs in the area, select a specific time frame and offer them only certain dates when you will be in their area. This creates a sense of urgency and scarcity. If you’ve studied their schedule, and they are already booked for that time, mention the act booked on that date of interest to you and suggest your act as a possible opener or co-bill. If they have not posted their schedule for the time you are considering, great. Mention that you don’t see their schedule up to that point, but perhaps they have some acts they are already considering. Offer to discuss an opening slot or a co-bill if that seems appropriate. Even if they are booked or they are not booking that time yet and even if you have no plans to be in the area at that time, this gives you each a place to start a conversation. It gives them something to respond to rather than leaving your request open-ended and non-specific.

Tell them about the show you are offering and how it has worked elsewhere. Offer references and audience testimonials about the show.

Step number six: Now that you are talking about your act, it is time to talk numbers, not platitudes. Tell them how you did at the last venue, what the ticket prices are that you get, how many seats you usually sell and what your merchandise sales have been.  These are numbers they can relate to and bank on.

If you have a fan base and mailing list in the area, tell them those numbers as well.

Step number seven: Plan to build a future in their market. Tell them you are looking to return to the market multiple times during the year to build your audience in their venue. If you do well as an opener or co-bill, you anticipate returning a few months later to do it again and further build the audience. Eventually, you would anticipate building up to main act status after two or three shows.

Step number eight: Close your email or letter with a thanks for consideration and an exact time and date when YOU WILL CALL THEM to follow up. This also may prompt a response if this time is not good for them, they may suggest another. Give them your contact info. Include links the specific pages of your website you want them to visit, such as bio, samples of your work, music or video and descriptions of the specific show(s) you are pitching them. Don’t forget links to testimonials. Don’t just give them the link to your whole website and assume they’ll find the materials you wish they would review. Give them the exact links to the exact pages where you want them to go.

I know this may seem like a lot of material to include in an initial email or letter, but the key is to be short and succinct with this information.

This will change the way you do business, and most importantly, it will change the way the recipient receives your letter and responds to it.

Happy crafting well thought out emails from now on.

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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