Why Long Term Planning Matters

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Why Long Term Planning Matters - by Jeri Goldstein     

Have you considered why long term planning matters?

As you stare at your calendar, panic sets in.  You have some dates locked in for June, a couple for May and a bunch for April. But, there it is, that cliff looming out there on June 20th, your last date on the calendar.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this scenario in the past. Maybe this is what your calendar looks like right

I’m only painting this picture to set the stage. The fact is, that if you only look out as far as the very next booking, your calendar may seem pretty empty two months from now.

The solution is really very easy though. Widen the picture. Expand your overview. I’ve mentioned this a number of times, that always looking ahead two years affords you the great luxury of giving your career the momentum necessary to succeed. That is why long term planning matters—it is the difference between success and struggle, frustration and momentum.

Think about it. Whether you work with a team, like agents, managers, publicists or not, two years of planning allows the team to be more strategic in setting their promotions and vision for you in motion. They can schedule tour routing to take advantage of future promotional events, conferences and release dates.

Whether you perform solo or in a group, planning two years out, gives your group members more
security in knowing they’ve got future gigs. They will make a greater commitment to your gigs rather than bail on you to seek other artists with whom they might play. They can then plan accordingly in their own lives.

Whether you work with a team or manage your own career, widening your future view gives you greater
control as you direct your support team. It makes meetings and planning sessions easier since now
you have something to plan towards rather than always questioning, “What’s next?”

In your life there are events that happen yearly, so why not use some of those events to help set business plans in motion. Personal events like holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and vacations along with business events like conferences or showcases will help you plan further in advance. Use these as anchor dates to plan tours. You don’t always have to have a performance date to anchor a tour, get creative.

Planning 2 years out also fits many performance venue, conference and festival booking time frames.
Many artists often feel like they are constantly making calls at the wrong time, often missing an entire booking season. Being in sync with booking time frames is also why long term planning matters.

And as one year winds to its end, get another calendar for the year after and continue to view two years out. Once you get the hang of this, you will never look back. More importantly, you may never again have to fear facing that cliff of the last date on the calendar being only two months from now. Your career deserves this kind of big picture future view.

Do you plan at least 2 years out into the future?

Have you ever been caught short with the last tour date on your calendar only 2 months away? Do you have a better sense of why long term planning matters?

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