What’s at Stake? Culture in America-Vote!

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That’s right-just think National Endowment for the Arts, National Public Radio, Public TV, National Endowment for the Humanities, Arts Councils across the country, funding for grants to arts in the schools. Yes, all of these things are would be targets for budget cuts when the Republicans get into office. If they are not committed to the Department of Education, do you really think they would stay their axe when it comes to Arts and the Humanities? As artists, we must do our civil duty to save the arts and lend our voices to help make certain that these cultural entities continue to exist. Beyond all the name-calling, the posturing and positioning, the reality and the fact of the matter is—if you love what you do as an artist, if you want to continue what you do and if you believe that what you do matters in the lives of those who benefit from your gift, then you must get out and vote for the democratic candidates running in your districts to preserve your ability to practice your art in the future. You must vote to preserve these grand programs that help us present our art and share our art with audiences throughout this country. Vote for culture, vote to save the arts and humanities and thousands of jobs for people who serve our cultural communities. It’s up to us to get out and VOTE!

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