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How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably
How many benefits have you been asked to play?

And how many of those did you get paid for
Work with me here, because playing a benefit and getting paid to play that benefit does not have to be a mutually exclusive occurrence.

I want you to be among those artists who help raise money for your favorite cause AND also get paid for your time and talent. BUT, you have to know how to approach each situation.

You have to know the 7 questions to ask during that very first conversation when they ask you to participate. That initial phone call determines everything else, especially whether or not you get paid.

So that’s why I included Module 6 in the How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably Online Course. I feel that doing benefits may become
such an integral part of your touring career that you really ought to know how to do it with a flare for success for both you and the cause you are championing.

Let me show you how to make more money for the cause and still get paid. Module 6 is one module that you will put to use the very next time someone asks you to help them out with a benefit. You won’t believe the results.

I hope you’ll join me for the premier session of the new video course.
Don’t miss this opportunity to work with me and learn how to book more gigs, book better gigs and get paid more money.
I can’t wait to help you create more profitable tours.
Registration is only open until Sunday, November 24th so don’t delay.


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  • Shaun Eli November 23, 2019, 1:01 pm

    I ask: Are you serving food? Is the waitstaff being paid? Is the caterer being paid? Did the farmers get paid? How about the electricity, is that free? And whoever mops the floor afterwards?
    But the entertainment, which is the focus of the event, they should work for free?

    • Jeri Goldstein November 23, 2019, 7:59 pm

      Great questions! And that is exactly my point. For all the years I booked my artists as the talent for benefits, they never played for free. In fact they got their usual fee and sometimes more since we always suggested the organizers find a sponsor to sponsor the artist’s fee and other aspects of the event.
      thanks for sharing.

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