Value Versus Money

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Value Versus Money
Value Versus Money - by Jeri Goldstein     

Talking about value versus money can change your booking negotiations completely.

Do you find yourself getting caught up in money talk?

Do you allow the booker or presenter to drag you down into the “what’s your fee?” gutter too soon in the conversation?

Do you get that queasy feeling in your gut because they are making you talk money before you are ready?

It’s going to happen, sometimes very early in the conversation, sometimes later, but at some point you are going to have to talk about money. Are you prepared? 

Here are 3 steps to help you be prepared AND shift the conversation to begin talking about value versus money.

  1. Know YOUR Target Audience:

Before making any calls, know who YOUR target audience is and the type of venue or market that is optimum for your act. Research your potential clients and understand them so you can create a much more individualized pitch, letting them know you are there to help them with their programming needs.

  1. Know What You Offer:

Before you make any calls or send any emails, know what you are offering and create a solid script or list of talking points that describe your offerings and the value you bring to the presenter.

In sales this is called a Value Proposition. Create your value proposition so that you are clear and concise about how, what you offer, benefits them.

So often artists just begin to make calls without being completely clear about how they can serve this particular venue or client. Without a firm grasp of who you are calling and how you can serve their specific needs, you are bound to lose control of the conversation and end up talking money before the time is right for you. Isn’t it time you began focusing on your value versus money?

  1. Develop the Relationship:
    Be prepared to develop the relationship before trying to close a sale or book the gig on the first call. Stave off the money conversation in favor of gaining a deeper understanding of the venue, the presenter and their programming needs. Delay your immediate gratification desires to discover ways in which you might make this potential client a long-time customer. When you enter the conversation with a long-term plan to build upon call number one with further value added information during a second and third call, you build relationship and begin to increase your value to the presenter.

    These ensuing calls give you an opportunity to demonstrate your value. When you create programs specifically of interest to their audience and assist with various marketing endeavors, these are valuable to the presenter, then when you ask for a higher fee, the presenter is now thinking you are worth your value.

Target the right audience and venue type, re-frame the conversation to focus on the value you bring to the table.

Wrap your mind around offering value and stop focusing on the money. When you do get around to the money talks, belief in your own value will drive the conversation so you will state your higher fee with confidence.

Raise your belief in your value, raise your fees.

Do you let yourself get caught in money talks early in your negotiations? Have you considered the value you bring to the table? Value versus money-see what happens to your bookings.

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