Use Mid-Week Dates to Build Booking Momentum

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Use Mid-Week Dates to Build Booking Momentum - by Jeri Goldstein     

Here’s a cool strategy to use mid-week dates to build booking momentum.

There are two potential strategies that can be considered.

The first suggestion that I highly recommend, is to look at mid-week and early weekdays as potential optimum dates.

As you do your research of venue calendars, pay attention to days like Monday through Wednesday. These days are often left either unfilled, used for local or regional acts or are saved for national touring acts that might be heading to another market and happen to have an off night.

These are choice nights to line up recurring gigs that can offer the venue a potential audience that they might not otherwise get, especially if you have a great following. The Dave Matthews Band played a regular Tuesday night gig at a local club in Charlotttesville, VA as they were getting started. It launched a flurry of media attention and built a feverish fan base.

By proposing an early or mid-weeknight, you offer the venue an opportunity for potential bar sales on an otherwise slow night. You also let them know that you are not looking to hog a weekend night when they normally make their big bucks in case your fans don’t show. This is a good relationship building tactic.

The second thing you might try is to put a hold on a date they might be saving for a yet to be booked act and suggest you would be available as an opener. Let them know you will be looking for other bookings for that night as well.

Then look for other gigs that you can lock in. If you book a solid date, then get back to the venue with the current hold, let them know you have been booked into another venue and they can remove the hold. You’ll get back to them about a future date and thank them. This builds a good buzz with the venue booker as it shows them you are playing, and other venues are booking you. It’s also a great time to talk about future dates and perhaps next time around they may be more likely to confirm their date with you.

This strategy puts you in more of a control position, builds a positive relationship with the booker because you were professional and got back to them, and builds your market value in the booker’s mind—all good things.

Have you considered early and mid-week dates as you look for potential gig days? What have your experiences been when you played those dates?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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