Uniquify Yourself

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Uniquify Yourself

Uniquify Yourself - by Jeri Goldstein     

How can you Uniquify Yourself?

Are you following the crowd? Trying be like other artists you know so the fans will like you too?

These days it is so important to call attention to yourself and your art by standing out from the crowd and to uniquify yourself! That is why you must find your unique qualities and promote them.

In the search for acceptance, so many artists try to be like the artists who everyone already knows and likes. But that artist became known and liked because they stood out from the rest.

They were unique.

What makes you stand above the fray? What quirks, physical attributes, vocal qualities, instrumental prowess or personality differences help make you the artist you are? Are you incorporating those aspects of yourself into your biography, upfront and not buried in the third or forth paragraph? Are you unafraid to promote what’s different? Have you really considered how to use those differences help drive your career?

Audiences, fans and industry professionals look for something new, something unique to connect with all the time. Can you give them that?

This week, really look at yourself and your act and consider how you may be able to uniquify yourself.

Find that one quality you may have wanted to hide in the past thinking no one would like that about you. Or, you might have been embarrassed to show that off, accentuate that quality or even write about.

Audiences want to see something interesting, be a part of something new and exciting. The media is looking for something different. They want to be the first to discover someone new and then share their discovery with their audience. Do you have that within you?

Same old, same old just doesn’t cut it. So find your unique qualities and talk about them, write about them, emphasize them, perhaps even exaggerate them. Let them shine and propel you above the crowds of other performers. Get interesting, uniquify yourself!

So, what’s unique about you? How do you talk about that aspect of your self and your act? Have you truly been using those unique qualities to your greatest advantage?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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