Turn Your Competitors Into Your Partners

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Turn Your Competitors Into Your Partners - by Jeri Goldstein     

Have you ever considered how to turn your competitors into your partners?

As you seek opportunities to expand your performance possibilities and grow your fan-base, why not reach out to some of your, “so called” competition and create a collaboration or a partnership for some tours.

Some might look at this as a co-billing and they wouldn’t be too far off base. Why not join forces with another artist to pool your resources, introduce each other to the other’s audience and share expenses.

Often this type of arrangement might start with an act’s agent, management or record label. But, it doesn’t have to start with external sources. As independent artists, often without those business resources, you have exactly the same opportunities to create valuable touring partnerships with other acts. Here are some additional benefits you might consider as you think about how to turn your competitors into your partners.

  1. Pooled resources might allow you to rent a touring bus and driver.
  2. The market value of both acts increases interest by new and previously played venues.
  3. A road manager might be more affordable and serve to increase the professional level of your business.
  4. Joint marketing campaigns engage larger audiences by pooling social network outreach and media contacts.
  5. Each act’s members may add to the shared skill set to benefit the other act. Perhaps one band member is more familiar with traditional media marketing and the other is more savvy with social networks. The combined efforts net both acts more media attention and more audience attendance.
  6. Let’s not forget the added fun and excitement factor that collaboration brings to the actual show. If the acts are compatible from the start, the music on stage may also benefit from jams, band member swaps and perhaps even new music and recordings.

The possibilities are endless. Creating so called joint venture partnerships doesn’t only have to be a boardroom experience. It can certainly extend onto the stage and into the tour bus. Taking a new act on the road has every potential of expanding your market value, your potential number of gigs and your audience development. So check out your competition for possible collaborators and turn your competitors into your partners to increase your touring successes.

Who are your current competitors who vie for the gigs you would like to play? How can you entice them into a partnership to benefit you both?

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