Time for Booking College Gigs for Fall

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College Gigs for Fall

Time For Booking College Gigs for Fall - by Jeri Goldstein     

It is the perfect time for booking college gigs for fall.

It’s true that many of the students won’t be on campus right now, but in a week or two, they start returning. Meanwhile, it is likely that the student activities adviser or director of student affairs is probably around getting things ready for the student’s return.

So now is the perfect time to connect with the student activities adviser, get their contact info and perhaps begin discussing some early college gigs for fall events for the returning students.

Sometimes, this is booked before students leave in the spring and other times it may be booked by students who remain on campus during the summer session. So, by calling now, you connect with the student adviser and get a chance to find out what dates are still open and what events are being planned. Then you can discover when the students will be returning.

If you do have to wait to speak with a student committee chair, you’ll at least have contacted the adviser in case you have any problems later down the road. This is so important since student committee members often change during the semester and certainly over the course of the year. The student adviser is also the one who will be signing any contracts. Make it a priority to speak with the adviser any time you’re booking college gigs.

If you are planning tours through towns that have colleges nearby, I highly recommend you add them to your call list. College campuses have numerous performance opportunities other than through the student activities office and I’ll discuss those in the next few weeks. For now, though, college gigs for fall are a great way to add a date to your upcoming tour that just might put some unexpected dollars in your pocket. They may also fill in some much-needed mid-week dates to round out a tour.

Do you play college gigs? Have you considered doing so if you haven’t yet? What might be holding you back from checking out colleges as another performance opportunity?

Leave me a comment below. I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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