Thinking Big

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Thinking Big - by Jeri Goldstein     

Thinking BIG is often a challenge.

I run into this all the time. Artists and other creative people are focused on their art, their music, their writing, etc. That focus keeps the thinking process turned inwards. The focus is on the day-to-day and most often the logistics and the minute details. Many artists are not in the habit of Thinking BIG!

When it comes to negotiating gigs, I’ve found that so many musicians willingly negotiate themselves into comfortably smaller fees rather than going for it and asking what they really deserve. Do you fit into this description?

Visual artists often under price their creations. Have you found yourself doing this?

When it comes to planning projects, do you plan based on what you think you can afford and therefore reduce your budget rather than truly going for your heart’s desire?

So let’s begin to turn this around right now as we start this new year. The best way I know to do this is to start to think big, let those crazy, once before never attempted opportunities, take root. Let’s make some plans based on the really BIG ideas. Then let’s find a way to make them happen. If you never focus on those big ideas, then you’ll never know what you might be really capable of accomplishing, will you?

Rather than scraping together tiny bits of money to make a project happen, why not plan for the BIG budget and then figure out how to get the funds to do it.

Do BIG numbers scare you? Are you afraid to ask for four times the fees you are getting now. What’s the worst that can happen? They could say “no.” Big deal! They could also say “yes.” Won’t you be surprised? They could also say “no” to your small fee, so again, what have you got to lose? What you lose is setting a standard of quality and of value. People value what they perceive to be valuable.

Now the situation has got to be appropriate, you do have to have some market value and the gig has to be the right kind of gig. You need to do your research. BUT, when all things are in alignment, even then, many artists will undersell themselves. How about you?

This week, let’s practice by doing some Thinking BIG Exercises.

  1. Practice by doubling your current fee and say that number out loud before you make your next booking call. Get comfortable with the number.
  1. Take a current project you are working on or hope to work on and consider how you can make it bigger. Do some, “What if” type of thinking and get out of your comfort zone.

These things are possible, they just take some belief from you that they are possible and then some planning to make them happen. It just needs to start with some BIGGER thinking.

You can do this!

What have you got going on right now that you might take to a whole new level by Thinking BIG?

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