Thinking Beyond-A New Roadmap to Get Great Gigs-Episode 001

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Get Great Gigs Podcast

Thinking Beyond – A New Roadmap to Get Great Gigs – Episode 001

This is the debut episode of the Get Great Gigs Podcast.

The episode is live on most podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes and many others.

You can find the show notes for each episode on the brand, spanking-new Get Great Gigs website:

Each new episode will be live on Monday morning, just like my Biz Booster Hot Tips.

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Let me tell you a bit about this first episode as I promised last week.

Part One: Episode Description

This episode is in two parts. The first gives you practical steps to take right now as we all deal with our current pandemic situation. It helps you get a handle on what you’ve got going for yourself and how to maximize your efforts and your assets. It also gives you next steps to take to plan for your future gigs whether streaming, pre-recorded or eventually live.

In part two of this episode – You Can’t Get There from Here If You Don’t Know Where Here Is, I offer a useful assessment tool to help you understand where you were before Covid-19 and how to move forward. I provide a PDF download of this useful tool in the show notes of this episode.

I’m excited to share my debut episode with you and look forward to inspiring you, motivating you and informing you every episode thereafter.

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Part Two: News You Can Use

On July 23rd, Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP), the Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences and several other arts organizations presented another Ask an Expert webinar on Zoom. This one, Ask an Expert: Licensing and Permissions Requirements for Livestream and Rebroadcast – A Deeper Dive 

Once again, it was focused on the presenter’s obligations and requirements. I thought I would share it, however, since you may be in a position of working with a presenter to offer one of your programs in a live stream platform. You ought to understand how to make sure the presenter cover’s their licensing obligations, so your material and show gets presented-shut-down-free.

If you are performing a live stream performing all of your own material, make sure you submit a set list to the presenter as well as to your performing rights organization and if you have one, your publisher.

Please review the information included in this webinar, especially all the information offered by legal council for Music Managers Forum, Neeta Ragoowansi. She presented most of the valuable information on this webinar. Her material comes at 14 min. in and then again at 33:30 into the webinar. From a publisher’s perspective, David Hershland from BMG Music Catalog also discussed when various platforms trigger a copyright infringement.

I found the webinar informative, but again it did not address independent artists ability to get a sync license and their relationships with streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and others.

If you have topics that are challenging you in your career and would like to suggest a topic for future podcasts, please leave your suggestions in the comments section below or on the Get Great Gigs Podcast website.

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Thanks in advance for checking it out. And remember, next week I’m interviewing David Wimble, creator of the Indie Bible series of directories. Join me then for a wonderful interview.

Stay well, be creative and keep smiling behind your mask!


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