The Best Gig You Ever Had

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The Best Gig You Ever Had
The Best Gig You Ever Had - by Jeri Goldstein     

Here’s to the best gig you ever had! Sure, let’s celebrate that one. Why not?

In fact, it was such a great gig, you ought to try and get more just like that one. Funny though, how we forget to remember to do that. We are constantly searching for the next new venue in a new market, with a new presenter or booker. There’s nothing wrong with that, and yet…

What if we remembered the best gig we ever had? What was it like? Can you remember every detail, every nuance, every person on the staff, the food in the dressing room, the sound and lights? Oh, and how about those merchandise sales, best night ever!

So, here’s a thought—why not write down all the great things about that night? Hang that list of what made that one soooo good in front of you when making your booking inquiries. Why not try to get more of the same, so every one of your bookings will be a great gig?

Give yourself something to aspire to. Create your very own Great Gig Template and rise to the occasion every time you book a gig. Ask yourself the following questions every time you work on a booking.

Great Gig Template 

  1. Do all the logistics of the gig fit my touring and performance preferences?
  2. Does this gig satisfy my financial needs?
  3. Will it inspire me creatively?

 If you answer no, to any of the above questions, then you need to understand why it doesn’t work. Then decide whether to pursue this gig or look elsewhere. Perhaps two of the aspects of this gig are valuable enough to consider taking it even though the third is not. On which aspect are you willing to compromise, if any? If you compromise once, will that set a precedence for your future considerations? Analyze each potential gig with this scrutiny and you’ll begin to fill your calendar with more great gigs.

Use the template, make it your booking mission statement and go after the best. Stop settling for mediocre or worse yet, gigs that just hold a space on your calendar but, do little to build your career or make you happy.

Come on, start going after the best gigs, every time you book a date. You will have more fun, make more money and build a more appreciative fan base. After all, you deserve it!

Do you have a best gig template? Have you focused on going after only the best gigs? What do you have to lose?

Leave me a comment below.

I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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