The Benefits of Training Your Own Agent

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The Benefits Of Training Your Own Agent - by Jeri Goldstein     

The benefits of training your own agent is to help make a difference in your bookings prior to ever working with an official booking agency.

Nearly every artist I speak with would love to hand over that task of booking their gigs to an agent. Most truly believe that once they are on an agency roster, they are set and the gigs will just start rolling in. I really do hate to be the one to burst that bubble, but burst I must.

Depending on your market demand and where you are in your career, being aligned with an agent may be perfect for you and the gigs may certainly be forthcoming. But, perhaps your market demand is, well, not so demanding just yet. And that agent is having just as hard of a time booking you as you were having.

Here is where these benefits of training your own agent can make a major difference in the number and quality of gigs you book before attempting to get on an agency roster.

Benefit # 1: Your in-house agent is only concerned with you, your gigs and your career—no competing artists to distract their attention from booking your gigs.

Benefit # 2:  You can be more pro-actively engaged with directing their focus on a targeted gig list. You have more control over their calls, their conversations and their progress. No lengthy time frames without any communication or being left to wonder how your calendar is shaping up.

Benefit # 3: You can be more imaginative and creative in pursuing unique gigs or niche market opportunities. Some agencies just won’t stray from their specific venue type, leaving you unable to venture into interesting performance situations.

Benefit # 4: As you work with your own in-house agent, you are building value in the various markets where you perform. This is great career building for a time in the future when it might make sense to align with a larger booking agency. It might serve you well in preparation for working with an agency that books certain kinds of markets while continuing to have your, now well-trained in-house agent book those niche market gigs.

So the next time you wish you had an agent, instead, perhaps you would do well to think about the perfect person to begin training to be your in-house agent and reap all of the above benefits.

Can you see how the benefits of training your own agent might be useful to you? Have you ever trained your own in-house agent? What results did you achieve?

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