Thanks for Your Interest in the Course

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Thanks for Your Interest In The Course

Thank you so much for your interest in the booking course. We had a fantastic webinar and a lot of artists are going to begin to take their careers to the next level by implementing the proven strategies in they will begin to learn.


Now even though the charter discount pricing for the course is no longer available, the course is still open for registration if you missed the deadline.
Those who have already jumped on board are viewing the material right now.
I would be honored to have you join the course if you want the beginning of this next year to be dramatically more profitable than the last year.
Check out the Registration Page 
I’m looking forward to working with you during the course.

How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably


And don’t forget to check out all the other valuable information that the New Artist Model 
has to offer you to help boost your career in so many different areas.

Cheers and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.


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