Jeri Goldstein 2017

Jeri helped me see…

By: , Songwriter, Speaker, Educator and Conservation Advocate
Erica Wheeler, Singer/Songwriter

With Jeri’s help I was able to transition ten years ago from being “just” a touring singer/songwriter to a speaker, educator and conservation advocate. Jeri helped me see a broader vision for myself and my career. I was once in an endless cycle of tour, record, tour, recover and repeat. After 10 years I was ready for something more. I am sure at the time I went kicking and screaming into this brave new world. All I really wanted to do was be a successful touring singer, songwriter. Jeri saw how I could take my passions, weave them into my music career AND earn more money and have more fun while doing it. Now I know it was my larger purpose to use all my strengths and talents in conjunction with my music to connect with communities helping people find and express their “sense of place.”

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