Jeri Goldstein 2017

I am so grateful to be working with Jeri Goldstein

By: , Speaker, Storyteller, Performance Artist
Ramona King, Speaker, Storyteller, Performance Artist

I don’t think Jeri believes miracles are far-fetched. Already I’ve telephoned what may be called potential
top-gun clients…something I would have not done on my own. I even tried to persuade her into making the
calls for me. The woman would not budge. She said, “You’ve got to do this for yourself.” I did and am glad
for it. An artist has to stand her own ground and Jeri knows how to mix warmth with accountability and action.
For me the miracle was taking the leap of faith. To Jeri it’s just a matter of acknowledging and trusting the
gift that already exists inside of you. I am so grateful to be working with her. I can see the realities of my
potential unfold right before me. There is a certain amount of pride that comes in knowing the business.
Jeri’s been in the business a long time. She knows, feels, and understands the artist in this business.
I would recommend her to any performer who is ready to get her career soaring.

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