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Client Testimonials

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Jeri helped me see…

Erica Wheeler, Singer/Songwriter

With Jeri’s help I was able to transition ten years ago from being “just” a touring singer/songwriter to a speaker, educator and conservation advocate. Jeri helped me see a broader vision for myself and my career. I was once in an endless cycle of tour, record, tour, recover and repeat. After 10 years I was ready for something more. I am sure at the time I went kicking and screaming into this brave new world. All I really wanted to do was be a successful touring singer, songwriter. Jeri saw how I could take my passions, weave them into my music career AND earn more money and have more fun while doing it. Now I know it was my larger purpose to use all my strengths and talents in conjunction with my music to connect with communities helping people find and express their “sense of place.”

She was and continues to be brilliant!

Coco & Lafe, Singers, Songwriters, Touring Artists

She was and continues to be brilliant! In less than two years we were touring nationally, following the harvest and sunny weather, playing only regions and cities we had the desire to explore. She helped us build the music life we love. Jeri gave us specifics. She showed us how to manage our time and the wisdom of following through with promotion. I have no doubt we would still be trying to break into the club circuit and stressing over how to pay our bills if Jeri Goldstein wasn’t helping us.

Lafe Dutton - Testimonial     

Jeri gave me great direction, advice, suggestions and strategies

Kelli Trottier

My coaching sessions with Jeri Goldstein have been invaluable to me as an artist and as a person. Every session was informative, thorough, thought provoking, motivating and personal to MY situation and circumstances.

Jeri gave me great direction, advice, suggestions and strategies for moving forward successfully and efficiently in my career. The many jobs and tasks that I need to tackle every day seem so much more manageable and less daunting since working with Jeri.

My online profiles, home office, website, stage work, creativity, management and confidence ALL took a huge leap forward.

I can’t say enough about the difference Jeri has made in my career on every level. If you’re going to give coaching a try, Jeri is the best!

Sincerely, Kelli Trottier (wearer of all hats in my career)

Jeri is someone on whom I can count.

Guy Mendilow, Composer/Performer Guy Mendilow Band (Sephardi)

Jeri is someone on whom I can count. Whether tweaking a press kit, co-writing a press release to hand off to a publicist, finding the right assistant or helping hone (and stick to!) professional and personal creativity goals, Jeri’s help has been both meaningful and timely. Aside from working with Jeri one-on-one, I have sent my assistant to her “booking agent school” which has been quite helpful…It has been a pleasure to work with someone as consistently resourceful, punctual and experienced as Jeri.

I am so grateful to be working with Jeri Goldstein

Ramona King, Speaker, Storyteller, Performance Artist

I don’t think Jeri believes miracles are far-fetched. Already I’ve telephoned what may be called potential
top-gun clients…something I would have not done on my own. I even tried to persuade her into making the
calls for me. The woman would not budge. She said, “You’ve got to do this for yourself.” I did and am glad
for it. An artist has to stand her own ground and Jeri knows how to mix warmth with accountability and action.
For me the miracle was taking the leap of faith. To Jeri it’s just a matter of acknowledging and trusting the
gift that already exists inside of you. I am so grateful to be working with her. I can see the realities of my
potential unfold right before me. There is a certain amount of pride that comes in knowing the business.
Jeri’s been in the business a long time. She knows, feels, and understands the artist in this business.
I would recommend her to any performer who is ready to get her career soaring.

Jeri’s advice is continuously concise, pragmatic, and effective!

Rattletree Marimba

In a sea of endless chatter on how to “make it” in the music business, I have found Jeri’s advice to be continuously concise, pragmatic, and—most importantly—effective. Over the years, Jeri has continued to impress and surprise me with her fresh insights and her ability to quickly get to the root of a situation and figure out the best plan to move forward. I feel lucky to have found a friend and mentor in Jeri Goldstein.


Mary Louise Knutson, Jazz Pianist-Composer

I followed Jeri’s advice on how to negotiate higher fees for myself and my client came up with another $800 from his original offer. Unbelievable! And, it was so easy, as Jeri practically told me what to say word for word. It’s been an amazing benefit to have access to her expert advice.

The Marketing and Managing Guru for Musicians

The Marketing and Managing Guru for Musicians, Jeri Goldstein offers practical advice to help musicians chart their career paths and stay on course.

Jeri has provided us a unique service

Jeri has provided us a unique service by combining a natural gift for strategic thinking with decades of music business experience. And, it’s not canned, cookie-cutter advice. It’s been custom consulting that is tailored to our situation. But if you’re more of the do it yourself type, go ahead and read her book. It’s the single best book I’ve read that is written for working musicians.

Jeri is a great outside the box thinker.

Jeri is a great outside the box thinker. Whenever I talk to Jeri about an aspect of my career I want to bring to the next level, her suggestions are practical and leave me feeling that anything is possible. Whether working with her
at a retreat (the food is amazing!) or on the phone during a consultation, Jeri’s is able to zero in, find a solution, and explain the concept—including the steps necessary in an easy to understand way.

THANKS, Jeri – you’re a GIFT!

After many years as a successful “sideman,” I’m now focusing my energy on my OWN musical path. I’ve been working with Jeri since September of 2010, and I greatly enjoy our connection; her thinking always gives me a fresh perspective on things (she’s FULL of good ideas!), and she has a kind and generous heart. THANKS, Jeri – you’re a GIFT!

Jeri may be the “Manager in a Box” but she excels at thinking outside the box

I listen to each of her weekly Biz Booster Hot Tips with a pen and paper to write down her advice and it
always points me in the right direction. I keep her book right on my desk and consult its well-thumbed pages
over and over again…But the Booking and Touring Course and the consult I had with Jeri were the two things
that really opened my eyes to new possibilities. Jeri may be the “Manager in a Box” but she excels at thinking
outside the box and coming up with new and creative ways to market one’s music. I believe that my work with
Jeri has been integral to building the confidence to move forward and reach for higher levels in my field. I
wasn’t born with that kind of drive and confidence and it took me years to cultivate it. I’m very grateful
for Jeri for helping me believe that I can do it. And look….now I’ve got a Grammy nomination!

Jeri has a wealth of information that she compassionately shares

Jeri has a magnificently gentle laser focus. Not only does she help me see the big picture, but she helps me feel excited about how I focus in on the big picture. That big picture focus effectively trickles down into my daily work flow. She has a wealth of information that she compassionately shares…and it’s just plain fun working with her.

Excellent mentor and a valuable part of my team!

I found Jeri through her outstanding book How To Be Your Own Booking Agent. We’ve been working together for two years now and without a doubt, she helps me get more performing opportunities! She is a great coach. I always find her perspectives on the work I’m doing to be fresh and helpful. She’s an excellent mentor and a valuable part of my team.

Jeri Goldstein is “Dr. Gig.”

She has shown me ways to make booking and planning tours easier and less stressful. She methodically helps you get the necessary materials at hand, plan strategically, begin to manage a team and think long-term. But she is more than this: She also gets to the root of what is holding you up, what is blocking you from realizing your full potential. She is half business consultant, half booking shrink. All of this has enabled me not to let the business get in the way of what’s important: being creative and getting out to share the chant. Hence, she is, for me, Dr. Gig!

A great investment in your career!

Jeri Goldstein has given me invaluable support in growing my performing and teaching business. Her knowledge of the business of booking and touring is vast, but what is even more valuable is her ability to sense each client as a unique individual. She has helped me to define and build on what makes me different and to identify and capitalize on my special niche. She’s also incredibly generous and gracious with her time and advice. A great investment in your career!

Grateful to Jeri Goldstein for encouragement!

I am most grateful to Jeri Goldstein for encouraging me to trust and understand who I am as a person and then integrate my talents as a composer, recording and performing artist into meaningful products and purposeful services to my customers.

No doubt about it Jeri is an amazing teacher!

Wendy Waller

She has the knowledge and expertise to show an artist the possibilities that are available. She is a
master at clarifying and untangling any problem or question. With her eye and ear for detail she can
create the perfect road map; she’s brilliant! I have learned more in the past year from her than in my
many years in the music biz. I am grateful for her guidance!