Tend To Your Various Lists Separately

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Tend To Your Various Lists Separately

Tend To Your Various Lists Separately - by Jeri Goldstein     

Tend to your various lists separately ought to be your marketing mantra to really get results.

As I was watering the vegetable garden, I noticed the tomatoes needed pruning, the cucumbers needed a bit more water, and the lettuce needed some harvesting. Each one needed something a bit different.

Funny, how tending to my garden reminded me that it is very similar to tending to your fan list, your list of presenting organizations or bookers and your media list. Each one requires a bit of unique information from you in order satisfy their specific needs.

So even though all of my plants are in my garden, I’ve planted them in different spots within my garden grow boxes so I can easily tend to them the way they require.

You may want to take a look at your mailing lists and see whether you’ve been lumping them all in one list, feeding them the same information at the same pace yet hoping for different responses from your various list members. You may just want to think about each of those list members and see if it is finally time to separate them into their own category and begin tending to them as they require.

Your fans may not appreciate getting a ton of emails so perhaps a once a month email or newsletter is just the right amount of contact for them. But your presenter contacts may need to be updated about tour plans much more often depending on the tour routing. They may need more specific career development info as it might relate to upcoming performance surrounding their market. This may require a bit more creativity on your part to keep them informed yet make each contact interesting and engaging. Then there are your media contacts who may only want to hear from you when it pertains to tour dates in their market or something really newsworthy that their readers will appreciate.

This week take a look at your lists and consider how you are tending to them. Make some adjustments to who gets mailed what, and perhaps with a little bit of nurturing, your fans may start buying CDs and tickets, your bookers may start saying yes to new tour dates and your media contacts may take a chance and show up at an upcoming gig. It doesn’t take much to tend to your various lists separately. It does take a little creativity, a bit of thoughtful attention and perhaps you’ll reap some bountiful rewards similar to the ones I’m reaping from my little organic garden.

Do you tend to your various lists separately or is everyone just lumped into one big mailing list?

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