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On Friday I shared a touring pattern with you that you can use to plan where and when to tour seasonally. The Seasonal Touring Pattern helps create booking momentum and your ability to get future gigs much easier.

Let’s now use a recurring gig as a touring pattern. You know, in advance, many events, (professional & personal), festivals and concert series that occur on a regularly basis each year. If you begin to create a touring pattern around a recurring event, then you may plan tours to surround those event every year.

Touring Pattern # 4: Recurring Event Touring Pattern

1. Creates an Anchor Date with Regularity
    Many events happen yearly. Conferences, festivals, concert series, personal events like family reunions, First Night Celebrations, college Home Coming concerts, and many more. Plan around these events to help future gig booking momentum and regular returns to a specific market at a specific time of year.

2. Surround the Anchor Date with Gigs
    Find events you would like to be part of and use them as your anchor to surround with other tour dates. By returning each year, your fan base grows regionally and you develop yet another major market for yourself to launch your Prosperity Touring Pattern.

I hope you begin to use this Recurring Event Touring Pattern to build regionally in the areas where that event takes place.

To Do Now:

Make a list of some of the recurring events you know you might like to attend or play during the next two years. Place them on a calendar so you can see them and allow them to spark your booking ideas.
Some of these recurring events take time to plan for or develop relationships with programmers to be
considered for a gig. Now that you have your list, you can dive right in, do some research, see what
it will take to mark this recurring event on your calendar as Confirmed.

I know you have gigs you would like to play. This Recurring Event Touring Pattern gets you going
and keeps you ahead of the crowd.

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