Strategic Communications To Increase Bookings

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Strategic Communications To Increase Bookings
Strategic communications To Increase Bookings - by Jeri Goldstein     

Plan for strategic communications to increase bookings whether you work with an agent or not.

You may find yourself working with an agent at some point or perhaps you work with one now. Your agent might book certain types of gigs like clubs, performing arts centers, festivals or corporate gigs or even weddings. They may be working with you on a non-exclusive basis, meaning they are not the only ones who may book your gigs. You may still be booking other types of gigs for yourself. Perhaps you even have someone in your office working for you as your in-house agent booking your gigs or at least making the initial calls and doing the research.

No matter what the situation, agent, no agent or in-house assistant—the key to increased bookings, better bookings and more money is always strategic communications!

An agent or an assistant may be a first step to better gigs, but only if you plan for strategic communications. Ongoing conversations allow you to keep in touch and up to date with all they are doing for you on your behalf. Just because there is someone else who is now partially or wholly responsible for your livelihood, doesn’t mean that you sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Rather, it means you now play a different, but still integral role, in directing your bookings.

Incorporate  the following steps –even if you are booking yourself:

  1. If you have an agent or assistant, set up an initial meeting with them to review your overall booking goals for the next two years. Alert them to your 5 year goals also. Review your goals on a regular basis to plan appropriately when booking yourself. 
  2. Create a plan for weekly and monthly strategic conversations to discuss weekly and monthly goals. Insist on this kind of regular communication to stay in the loop. This ensures that the agent or assistant is focused on your career, whether you are at the top or the bottom of their artist roster.

    Communicate more regularly, daily if necessary, especially during intense booking time frames.  If your agent is not willing to incorporate a communications plan, then I would question if this is the right fit for you. Many agents are used to working very independently, but this may not be a good thing for you, especially when you are new to their roster.  As a self-booking artist, this type of weekly and monthly goal setting drives your bookings and gives you added momentum.

  3. Discuss the goals for each week and review what was accomplished the week before. Set new monthly goals each month and review what was accomplished during the previous month. Constant contact keeps everyone on their toes and drives the bookings. Stay alert to things happening on your behalf or in many cases, not happening. You’ll have a better feel for incoming interest in your act. Get consistent updates about ongoing research and outreach on the act’s behalf by the agent or assistant.

    As a self- booking artist, set these weekly and monthly goals and review your progress to make necessary adjustments in tour planning. Tweak your booking techniques or routing if necessary.

Strategic Communications = More Gigs

If you want more gigs and are relying on your agent to book them for you, create an ongoing pattern of strategic communications to ensure action. Set up a system of communications at the start of any collaboration. Prevent concerns about booking progress and relieve that, “empty-calendar-syndrome.” 

Become an active partner and leader with your agent or assistant. Create your own momentum by using this system of ongoing strategic communications and increase bookings throughout your career with your team.

Are you planning strategic communications with your agent, assistant or other team members to help keep you in charge of your career? What’s holding you back from making this commitment?

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