Stop Negotiating For Them

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Stop Negotiating For Them
Stop Negotiating For Them - by Jeri Goldstein     

Stop negotiating for them and make every negotiation unique.

“I’m sure they’re already booked.”
When was the last time you said that?

Or how about, “They probably can’t afford it.”
I hear that one all the time.

Or, “my friend told me they only pay “X” so they surely won’t pay me more.”

How often do you stop yourself from making a booking call because, in your mind, you’ve already done the negotiating for them? You’ve already given them a small budget and you’ve already determined that they are booked.

We’ll the facts may be that they are booked and that they do have a small budget. BUT, that might be right now. The last time I spoke to a bazillion artists, most are in this for the long haul, not just for this moment.

You owe it to your future to make the call and make a connection for the long-term not just one time. Find out what is really going on and what kind of budget they really do have.

Even if, when you call, you discover that indeed, they are booked now. Why not discuss the next time you are coming into the area or find out what else they do?

Ask when they begin booking the next season or the next month. Let’s not play for just this time. Always focus on the future. Connect with that booking prospect now, it will serve you well for later.

You also never know when they may have a cancellation. I can’t tell you how many times a call today led to an unexpected call back for a fill-in date. Why? I made the call despite my inner voice saying that they are probably already booked.

This week, check that inner voice and make a list of lies you tell yourself before making booking calls just so you avoid making the call. Do you often negotiate for the other party without being aware of it?

Isn’t it time you stop negotiating for them and start negotiating with them?

Once you have your list, put it somewhere you will see it when making your booking calls. Remind yourself to move past the lies and make your calls anyway.

You never know what gems of gigs you will find or budgets
bursting at the seams, when you get out of your own way and stop negotiating for them.

Do you find yourself making up scenarios that prevent you from making contact? What have you done to move past that and put yourself on track to connect anyway?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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  • Rick Derman February 18, 2019, 11:10 am

    Hi Jeri, I use the same Time Manager program for booking that I used years ago when selling computers. It’s basically an electronic “tickler file” where I can log all of my booking calls on a priority basis day by day, and fwd them if needbe. Each entry has space for unlimited notes as to what was said, promised, opined etc. Couldn’t live without this program. Prevents leads,prospects, deals from “falling thru the cracks”. Would recommend your readers try to find s.thing similar. greetings, Rick

  • Will McMillan February 18, 2019, 11:31 am

    A great reminder. I’ve been playing phone tag with the booking person at retirement community where I performed several times last year. He has said that he wants to have me back several more times THIS year, too — so I’ve been remaining patient and polite and persistent… and then he called me Saturday morning to see if I could fill in the next afternoon due to a cancellation. So, yes, it can pay to be politely persistent while building relationships with people who book gigs…

  • Lowry Olafson February 18, 2019, 1:32 pm

    I can totally relate to this one Jeri. So easy to say no before we even start. Which is understandable, ’cause that may have been a past result. What you’re really talking about here is being more expansive in our thinking, and perhaps stretching of our comfort zone. Good to recognize that this might feel uncomfortable, but it’s how we grow. Great reminder.

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