Settle The Gig Cash Or Check

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Settle The Gig Cash Or Check

Settle The Gig Cash Or Check - by Jeri Goldstein     

Which works for you when you settle the gig cash or check?

Does your contract specify your preferred method of payment when settling your gigs?

Do you let the booker know your preferences if you don’t have a contract?

What is the best method of payment?

This might seem a small point, but depending on the type of venues you normally perform in, this may be an issue deserving your consideration.

Now most artists performing at performing art centers, on college campuses, for government organizations, in schools and sometimes at festivals, most often get paid by business check government check or certified check. In some instances, money can even be paid into a Paypal account or wired to your account.

If, however, you normally play nightclubs, clubs, house concerts and sometimes even sheds or are booked by a third party or a promoter—when you settle the gig cash or check-cash is king.

That’s right—when you get paid—get cash. Now it’s not that the majority of these types of venues are going to rip you off—on the contrary, most will even offer to cash their own check right there and then. If you are offered the opportunity to have them cash their check—take it.

There are, however, those rare instances when a check just might bounce, so rather than taking the chance that this one out of a hundred venues, is the one where that occurs—make it your policy to ask for cash. From now on, put it in your contract, make it known when negotiating the gig, be specific when settling, the gig—you would like to get paid in cash. Then you remove any possibility of having a problem cashing the check.

So, if you’ve ever had a question about how to settle the gig cash or check, at clubs or with concert promoters, get used to asking for payment in cash. Now depending on the country you are performing in, check the exchange rates for the best cash opportunity the day of your gig as well as prior to setting out on tour.

How you manage your finances on the road is something to plan long before the moment you settle your gig.

Do you ask for cash settlement at your gigs? Is it written in your contracts?

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