Seminar Options for Your Event

It is important that your event has exactly the right presenters sharing information that will inspire your audience. You want your speakers to offer topics that fit with your event theme to help make your programming memorable and exciting.

My goal is to work with you to create the perfect presentation format for your group.

Here are some format options we might discuss:

As a guide to the performing artist, seminars can be presented in complete one-hour to 1-1/2-hour topic blocks. Topics are selected to address your audience’s specific needs and your presentation time frame.

Available Formats:

  • One-hour to 1-1/2-hour in-depth single topics
  • Three-hour crash course multi-topic
  • Full-day multi-topic seminar

Half-Day Seminar (Four Hours)

Three Seminar Options:

  • Three Topics – one-hour overviews
  • Two Topics – two hours per topic
  • In-depth discussion of a single topic

Q & A time included

One-Day Seminar (7-8 Hours)

This seminar includes hour-long discussions of six main topics (See topic list)

  • Role-playing exercises
  • One-hour lunch break
  • Q & A time included

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