Report: Performing Arts Industry Joined Forces

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Report: Performing Arts Industry Joined Forces - by Jeri Goldstein     

Report: Performing Arts Industry Joined forces Wednesday, March 18th where 900 performing arts professionals came together to face the COVID-19 impact on our industry.

I’ve included the replay of this webinar link below as well as a survey from the Association of Performing Arts Presenters gathering data about lost of income due to cancellations. Please fill it out as they are building a case to take to Congress.

Speaking and participating were independent artists, small and large arts organization, agents, managers, presenting organizations, arts councils, arts advocacy organizations and regional and national arts organizations.

Some speakers shared their stories of cancellations and even complete shutdowns of performing seasons and world-wide tours.

So, my friend, you are not alone in this situation.

More importantly, there is support and resources available and soon to be available.

The main take-away from this first of many sessions, was around what to do now for yourself,  your organization and the arts community at large.

For Yourself, and Your Organization: 

  1. Review all your cancelled contracts
  2. Understand that these cancellations fall under the Force Majeure Clause in a contract-Acts of God (in this case a combo of Acts of God and Government Intervention). Did you have a contract for your cancelled gigs? Do you have that clause in your contract?
  3. Deposits: Did you have any deposits for your cancelled gigs? Did you use any of that deposit money for travel or other expenses? From now on, the legally responsible way to manage your deposit money is to put in an account (escrow account or just your account) and don’t touch it until the date is played.

    If you reschedule the gig, you may, upon agreement with the venue, hold the deposit until the new gig is played. If you do not reschedule, you may have to discuss return of deposit with the venue.

  4. Give presenting organization who cancelled the gig a moment to adjust to this hourly changing situation. Then if you haven’t already, keep in touch with them by having phone conversations, not emails to begin to either,
    1. Reschedule
    2. Figure out how you might present in another online format to the same audience
    3. Understand your collective goals ought to be how address this situation and create a relationship to help each other out in the service of your mutual benefit to serve the audience.
    4. Use your time off-road productively. What can you do, learn, create, or take care of that you have otherwise not had the time to do?
    5. Review or create systems or operational documents that help explain how you run your business and various aspects of it and or protect you and your organization moving forward. Operations Manuals, Wills, Team Members Contacts Lists, for example.

For the Arts Community At Large:

The performing arts industry is huge and touches millions of lives world-wide. We need to be considered as one of those vulnerable industries impacted by this Pandemic.

With that in mind:

  1. Pay close attention to information coming from the movers and shakers of our industry and follow informative postings and updates on the following sites:

    COVID-19 Arts Advocacy Links


  1. Check with your local and state Arts Council and Regional Arts Organization, the lists can be found:

National Endowment for the Arts site:

They are connected to the most updated information regarding efforts being made by the National Arts Organization’s to Congress as well as state-wide resources for artists and arts organizations.

  1. Participate in any efforts organized by the Arts Council and State or Regional Arts Organizations to connect with your local and State congressional and Senate representatives. Let our voices be heard in congress to advocate for recognition of our Industry.

    Efforts were discussed regarding legal presentations to Congress on behalf of the Performing Arts Industry and the need to recognize and assist within our community.

Our industry represents so many levels of participants who depend on income from the performing arts; from the performers to the roadies and the staff of performing arts venues, from the agencies and management firms and their staff to the bus and truck drivers hauling the big shows, from the Merch manufacturing companies, to the industry trade magazines. I think you get the idea.

The cultural impact live performances have on our world-wide communities is enormous.

We need to have a seat at the table when governmental financial considerations are being discussed.

Your consistent contact with your local representatives will assist in that effort. Your transparency with your own fans about how these cancellations have impacted your life and the lives of your immediate band members, crew members and team will help bring attention to the situation and perhaps even some unexpected contributions to your cause.


Here is the Webinar Replay Info:

We Are Stronger Together: Navigating Crises and Sustaining Healthy Relationships in the Era of Coronavirus 

We hope you found the presentation stimulating, relevant, and thought provoking.

We are writing to inform you that the recording is ready. To access the recording please take the following steps:

To access the transcripts of the chat box and the closed captions, please see the TRANSCRIPTS tab of the event page.

APAP has just launched a field-wide survey in order to collect data to share with organizational funders and to include in advocacy efforts to the U.S. federal government. Your responses also help APAP determine how best to serve you. Please feel free to share this survey widely.

We would like to hear your feedback on the webinar, please let us know your thoughts by filling out this survey:


What efforts are you making in your own life to be creative, raise money or participate in advocacy? 

Leave me a comment below.

To your health and well-being.

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