Remember To Access College Radio

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Remember To Access College Radio - by Jeri Goldstein     


Remember to access college radio during your upcoming fall tours.

School’s soon back in session. I know you’re  just finishing up your summer tours and it will be time to get back on the road for the fall.

So while you are doing that, I have a marketing idea that might help you on those upcoming tour dates.

Whether or not you are playing any gigs on college campuses, college radio stations are one media outlet that you should be accessing.

First take a look at your upcoming dates. Are there any colleges in or near the cities and towns you are playing? If there are, then you are in luck.

Here are the facts about radio these days:

Most commercial stations are hard to access since so many are pre-programmed under Clear Channel management. But many community stations and college stations are still accessible.

College stations still have many specialty shows that are genre specific. Since the hosts are not full-time staff, you need to contact the station manager or review the station’s website to get the list of show hosts. Call them or send an email to alert them about your upcoming gig. Try to make time to stop by the station when you are in town for an interview or even some live playing. Send them your music and if they’ll do it, do a phone interview with the host so they can air it on their show in advance of your gig.

You may not be playing on campus, but so many people living in college towns, listen to the college station. It could influence your ticket sales and your income.

So remember to access college radio. College radio has been instrumental in so many major artist’s careers. Make it a part of your marketing template for every gig you do and it just might make a difference in career.

Have you made college radio a part of your marketing template? What experiences have you had with college radio throughout your career?

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