Remain In Control Of Your Career Development

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Remian In Control Of Your Career Development
Remain In Control Of Your Career Development - by Jeri Goldstein     

As the artist, you must remain in control of your career development.  That means becoming a partner with any team member helping with your career. As the savvy artist that you are, you know handing over your career to someone who, may not be as invested, is not prudent. If you are not their only client, then their attention is naturally divided. When they have many other clients, then you may get lost on the roster if the phone is not burning up with calls for you.

Your life, your livelihood and your career are at stake. You must direct your team members. Remain in control of your career development by beginning with a plan. Create your goals and your vision of how you will insert your team members into YOUR plans. You need to know what you want to accomplish so you may ask the tough questions of those savvier than yourself.

It Is OK to Be Naive!

It is OK to be naive. Ask the questions you want answers to even when they sound silly. If you have really, good team-members they will provide the answers or find someone who knows the answers. It is always a growth and learning process. Your naivety might just spark something unique, and cool and take you someplace no one ever thought to go. So, don’t be shy, go for it! My naivety got me calling people I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to call and got my artists further much faster. I celebrate naivety! I hope you’ve still got some.

Create a Communications Plan

Control your career development by creating a communications plan. Remain in contact on a regular basis with anyone tasked with any part of making things happen on your behalf. Set regular weekly or daily meetings to discuss what’s happened and how to proceed. Let your team members know you expect updates, and won’t be OK with, “we’ll call when we get something.” You want to offer ideas and have them be respected. If you forward contacts, you expect them to be followed up with right away, not next year. If you get a lead, you’ll pass it along and expect action. You need to be comfortable training your team members as to how you want your career handled. If they are not comfortable with that, then get new team members who will be.

Control your career development by be a director, an instigator, a receptive listener, an active participant, available and accessible. Don’t disappear into your art and think your career will move forward. It needs your input, your direction, your commitment and your presence.

In the long run, your team members will appreciate you and respect you. By remaining in control of your career, you will maintain momentum and become an effective leader. Your career deserves your constant attention!

Are you ready to take charge? Are you ready for success? What steps are you taking to remain in control of your career development?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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