Re-Frame Your Communications

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Re-Frame Your Communications

Re-Frame Your Communications - by Jeri Goldstein     

Re-frame your communications to boost your bookings and career.

Lately, I’ve been paying attention to how people express themselves in both written and verbal communications. I’ve been finding similarities among friends, family, and clients.

What I am finding is that most emails, promo materials, negotiations and even conversations with family members are all self-focused or inward focused right from the start of each communication. I call it the, “Let me tell you about me first” syndrome.

This kind of communication may be an offshoot of an attention to so many daily details that keep one inwardly focused and absorbed. A great example is when speaking on the phone with someone, they might launch into their agenda without even asking, “How are you? Do you have time to talk?”

Now we all have agendas, and goals. I think that this kind of communication may be just the sort of thing keeping you from reaching those goals or meeting your agenda for the day, for the year, for your career.

Consider this from your end, how do you feel when someone launches into their agenda before asking about you?

Here’s my proposal: Try to re-frame your communications.

Re-frame them to focus outward and consider the recipient of your communication first, before you write or call. Create each communication with the OTHER in mind before the SELF. First, ask them “How are they doing?” How did the festival or series or event they were planning go, when last you spoke? Then, genuinely and patiently listen and react to their comments. Wait for just the right time to introduce why you are calling and begin to speak about you, your project, your background, your agenda.

Self-focused communications run rampant throughout most artists websites and promotional materials. Yes, of course, it is your website and your promo and you must talk about your act and your accomplishments. But, those who are able to infuse their written materials with the benefits to the organization, to the audience, to the buyer, are far more able to develop lasting relationships. They demonstrate concern for the satisfaction the buyer receives in order to accomplish the buyer’s goals. And in turn, your goals are equally achieved.

This week review some of your emails and press releases and other marketing materials. How many of them are completely self-focused rather than other focused? How many of them discuss self-needs rather than benefits to the other? How many of your emails include statements about you rather than questions about them and how you might serve them? How many of your interactions are a blur of details rather than a give and take conversation?

Re-frame your thoughts before you email or call. Prepare an email or conversation that considers them, their concerns, their needs, their problems and set yourself up to offer them solutions. You will create a very powerful relationship-one that will turn into gigs and deals and long-lasting friendships. Re-frame your communications to take into consideration those with whom you hope to work over the life of your career.

Are your communications self-focused? Do you consider each of your intended recipients and their needs before you write or call? Have you tried communicating with the other in mind? What have your results been when you do?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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