The Reel World: Scoring For Pictures-Updated And Revised Edition (Music Pro Guides)

By Jeff Rona

Add another income stream to your credits by scoring your music for TV and Film. Jeff covers the art, technology and business of composing for these visual mediums. He teaches you about the industry and how to nurture your relationships, how to weather the political storms within the film and television industry, but most of all, how to make your music work for this medium so you can make money.

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This updated how-to guide takes you inside the world of creating music for film and television. Packed with case studies and insider’s tips, The Reel World 2nd Edition lets you learn by example how to ensure musical aesthetics, use the most effective technology and techniques, understand the business side of things, and nurture positive relationships with music editors, directors, producers, recording engineers, musicians, and music executives. The author uses his real-world experience working as a composer in television and film to show you what it takes to do the job, how it’s done, and how you can do it, too. If you want to work as a composer, scoring for film, television and other visual media, The Reel World 2nd Edition is just the guide you’ve been looking for to help you get started in this fascinating and rewarding industry. The book’s companion website,, lists updates, additions, resources, and more!