The New Tax Guide for Writers, Performers & Other Creative People


By Peter J. Riley, CPA

As a performer, you have special needs when it comes to taxes. This is the one book to focus on those needs. Here you’ll find information on setting up your business entity to realize your best tax advantages and how to maintain your financial life. Peter is a CPA who specializes in working with creative people. His book gives you a great starting place and continuing resource to help you stay ahead of the IRS.

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Table of Contents: Introduction Dedication Income What Can I Deduct? For Actors, Actresses, Directors, Dancers, and Other Performers For Musicians and Singers For Visual Artists For Writers Setting Up a Business Entity The Audit Process, Recordkeeping, and Your Taxpayer Rights Choosing a Tax Advisor Tax Planning In Closing Appendix A: Internet Resources Appendix B: IRS Publications and Other Resources