Jeri Goldstein 2017

Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors That Create Blockbuster Success

By Vicki Kunkel

It’s amazing, in this technologically advanced world, to find out how much we rely on the same basic factors that influenced our evolutionary forebears to make decisions today. Find out how you can use these 8 primal factors in your marketing, your business, your life to create your own instant appeal. You will be surprised at how even the way you spell your name can make or break a successful campaign.



What do the runaway success of E.T., Oprah, and the Cabbage Patch Kids have in common? How come Scrabble was a flop when first introduced, but became an instant hit when re-introduced just three years later? According to extensive research, the secret to who gets heard, what gets our attention, and who and what has staying power lies in deeply ingrained biological and anthropological codes we all subconsciously share. Filled with fascinating examples and explanations of the phenomena associated with “stickiness,” “Instant Appeal” reveals the often surprising (and proven) reasons behind why we vote for certain people, listen to the same songs over and over again, and favor one brand over another. The book illuminates the human universals that cause positive and negative chemical reactions in our brains and shows how anyone can use them to advance their career, cause, company, or product.