How to be Your Own Booking Agent – (PDF)


This is the downloadable version of “How To Be Your Own Booking Agent THE Musician’s & Performing Artist’s Guide To Successful Touring” in its completely Revised 4th Edition. It offers current immigration regulations for touring artists, new scripts for contacting potential presenters, strategies for contact relation management, crowdfunding and a completely revised chapter on The New Recording Industry. Since 1998, the award-winning, How To Be Your Own Booking Agent has been among the top-selling music and performing arts business books.

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How To Be Your Own Booking Agent is regularly selected each semester by professors teaching music business and the performing arts and continually recommended by musicians and performing artists, worldwide. This unique step-by-step guide and resource book is artfully organized so that it’s easy and fun to read with savvy advice, realistic methods and action plans geared for your success.

Exciting new insights from experienced professionals in the entertainment business pepper each page. The 24 chapters are enhanced with completely updated resource sections following each chapter. They are packed with recommended books, directories, websites, social media marketing resources helping musicians and performing artists achieve their career goals. This Revised 4th Edition remains THE Musician’s & Performing Artist’s Guide To Successful Touring.

How To Be Your Own Booking Agent THE Musician’s & Performing Artist’s Guide To Successful Touring tackles such topics as: The Art of Negotiating; How to Eliminate Cold Calls—Make Friendly Calls; Setting Long-Term Goals; New, more Effective Telephone Techniques; Creating An Effective Promotional Package; Contracts; The Art of Touring; Managing the Road; Conferences; Trade Shows and Industry Events; Funding Sources; Crossing Borders–U.S./Canada Touring; Marketing Your Act; Accessing the Media: Print, Radio, Television and Internet Marketing; The New Record Industry; Working with Managers and Agents; When to Quit Your Day Job; Hiring Help and Ethics and Attitudes.

“As someone who has had the experience of climbing from the bottom to the top of the music industry, I find Goldstein’s book to be THE road map for taking a career from oblivion to stardom, on one’s own terms while maintaining artistic integrity! By combining universal business practices with music industry savvy, HOW TO BE YOUR OWN BOOKING AGENT is your guide to success.”

— RAVI, Singer/Songwriter, Former Guitarist for Triple GRAMMY Nominee, HANSON

The information in How To Be Your Own Booking Agent is visually accessible with worksheets and a variety of forms included throughout the book that may be copied for the artist’s use and convenience. Jeri has answered most of the burning questions, provided immediately usable methods and tackled many of the foreseeable problems. This is THE step-by-step guide to begin, create and maintain a successful touring career.