Get Paid Playing Benefits Teleseminar


I’ve recorded the “Get Paid Playing Benefits” teleseminar and now have it available for download right now. This teleseminar is in two parts, jam packed with a total of 1 hour and 39 minutes of steps you can put to use immediately and begin increasing your community’s awareness of your act. 

Along with the two-part MP3 teleseminar, I’ve included both a PDF of the Action Guide and the full event Script. (Download links included upon purchase.)



In this teleseminar, participants learned how to make playing benefits one of their touring strategies. Now you can get profound new insights into how to get paid when playing a benefit. 

I cover the following:

  1. How to set your benefits fees.
  2. The 3-reasons to add benefits to your touring strategies.
  3. The 6-questions to ask the organizers when invited to participate.
  4. How to set your benefits goals to maximize your media exposure and build your audience.
  5. How to choose your causes.
  6. How to work with the charitable organization or event organizer to maximize their fundraising efforts.
  7. How to pitch yourself as a fundraising event to organizations you choose.

If you missed this informative training session, but feel like this information would help you, then read on. Since you are always getting asked to participate in one event or another — and no one ever seems to have any money to pay you — here are some artist-tested strategies that will change that from now on.