1000 Songwriting Ideas

By Lisa Aschmann

With over 2000 and counting songs to her credit, Lisa Aschmann adds another 500 songwriting ideas to her first 500. If you find yourself getting stuck and don’t know how to get unstuck, Lisa has got some great suggestions. So don’t just sit there staring at that blank screen or piece of paper turn to the muse’s muse with this book and also check out songwritingideas.com for much more.

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A great tool for all songwriters looking for creative resources. 1000 Songwriting Ideas is a handy book of creativity exercises that stop writer’s block and spark the fire of your imagination. It offers concepts to ponder as starting places for lyric writing, along with some of the most provocative and inspirational examples you may encounter anywhere. Authored by a pro, these proven exercises are for moving the creative lyrical self, the soul, the real tool of songwriting and the real object of a song’s intention.