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How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably
This just might be the best time of year to prepare to book your best gigs for next year.

Here’ proof!

This is the booking down time.

During the holiday season most bookers wind up their fall presenting programs and prepare for upcoming winter programs. They are done booking for this year and planning for the next 18-24 months.

They are prepping to attend the winter booking conferences. Performing arts center presenters head for NYC for APAP the annual Arts Presenters Conference in Mid Jan. Folk and acoustic music bookers and artists are going to New Orleans this year for the International Folk Alliance in late January. College conferences like NACA takes place in Mid-February and APCA in early March this year. And the all genres media and booking conference, SXSW is in mid-March in Austin, TX.

By getting ready now for the new year, you can plan for these types of events next year. Be ready to book tours starting in January when these bookers, presenters and buyers are back booking mode.

Get your plan in place during their down time and prepare to book your best gigs. You will be in sync with the presenters’ booking time frames.

How great would that feel, to be prepared to book your act into the venues you desire and find a receptive buyer ready to book you?

So why not get more ready than you’ve ever been to book those great gigs for next year and even the year after?

Well, I am ready to share some of my best strategies with you right now, to help you prepare to book your best gigs with my new online course:

 How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably

I’m thrilled with the results of months of putting this course together for you. Dave Kusek and Chelsea Ira of the New Artist Model have taken my very best strategies and put them into an amazingly easy to use video platform. I just had a peak at the final course, and I am even more excited to share this with you.

You can pace yourself through the course because it is set up in bite size, easy to absorb and implement lessons.

We have templates, action guides, case studies with my students who have put these strategies to use and are killing it. I’m so proud!

Oh yeah, and there are some incredible bonuses that will help you prepare to book gigs even more. Check them out, now.

I can’t wait for you to have the success you desire, and I would be thrilled to work with you as you work your way through the course.

BUT, today is the last day to sign up, so don’t wait another minute, there are so few left, and start preparing to book your best year of gigs ever.

Registration closes at Midnight Pacific tonight, November 24th. So, if you are on the east coast you get until 3am Nov. 25th. And if you are in Europe you have even longer.

Cool right! Time zones are your friend in this case!

Here you go, your path to prepare to book great gigs for next year:

How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably Registration

Last chance is today – Take it Now!

And I’ll see you in the course.

All my best for the holidays.



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