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Plan Your Touring Season - by Jeri Goldstein     

Do you plan your touring season to include specific programs each year?

Theater folks are used to planning their touring seasons. They decide what plays or musicals they will present throughout the upcoming season, rehearse those shows and promote them to prospective buyers.

Many musicians I work with have created a variety of programs that they might offer and tend to promote all of them to their prospective buyers. Each buyer is left to make a choice from a potentially large menu of offerings. This can increase promoter’s sense of overwhelm and delays in their decision-making.

So why not make each touring season something to look forward to by creating some excitement. Plan your touring season and only offer certain programs at certain times of the year, or to certain types of audiences or during certain years. Decide in advance what programs you’ll tour this year. Plan your promotions and marketing around those programs only, reducing promoter’s anxiety over having to choose among your many offerings or not knowing what to expect from you at all.

Plan Your Touring Season for Additional Benefits

This can have an added benefit to increasing future return bookings if the promoter knows that your show will be different next time through. If their audience loves you yet they know they can always expect something fresh and exciting from you, they are more likely to buy tickets to see you again and again.

And for your own benefit, you can spend time rehearsing specific material rather than everything in your repertoire, so your show will be tighter.

Your show will also be refreshing to you each season when you know you’ll be presenting different material.

Take a tip from all those successful theatrical touring companies that plan their touring season well in advance and plan your touring season with specific programs.

Another important aspect to selling more shows is to spend time naming those programs with great names. Name your programs so that your promoters can sell your shows more easily to their audiences. A terrific, memorable, exciting, sexy even, named show will increase its ability to get booked.

Then plan your marketing around those shows each season and watch your bookings take off, your audiences grow, your calendar get filled further out into the future and those last minute bookings become a thing of the past.

This week, see how you can create a few specific shows by organizing your repertoire into some themes. Name those collections of songs and decide when you’ll offer those programs. You can begin promoting them to your buyers right away as you begin booking next fall, winter and spring.

Do you plan your touring seasons with specific programs? Have you named each of your programs to help buyers easily market them? Have you noticed an increase in bookings since doing those things? 

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