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Pitch Your Music From Your Website - by Jeri Goldstein     

Here are 4 steps to help you pitch your music from your website. You may have often thought that it would be great to get your songs covered by another artist or that your music would be great in a movie, on TV or even in an educational project. Before that can happen it might be useful to prepare your music offerings so they can be easily searched by those in need.

To help you pitch your music from your website begin by doing the following 4 steps:

Step 1. Organize all of your recorded music by category. For instance: Love songs, ballads, songs of loss, political songs, uplifting songs, travel songs, work songs, songs for weddings or special occasions, holiday music, spiritual music, etc. If you cross musical genres, include the intended genre of music; blues, jazz, folk, country, rock, metal, hip-hop, you get the idea.

Step 2. Further organize for tempo such as hard driving, upbeat, slow, medium, quiet and mellow. Add information like, predominant instrumentation on each song such as soft strings, electric guitar, heavy drums, horns, piano, etc.

Step 3. Create a new page on your site with a new link button on the navigation bar. Give it a title compatible with your site and marketing style, but one that specifically invites and calls out to those who might be searching for music. Some possible titles might be, Songs Available for Licensing, Your Project-My Song, Licensing Paradise or Producer’s Paradise. Name it something that captures the attention of someone searching for music they can use on their project.

Step 4. Design your web page with the various categories of songs, with links to streaming audio for immediate listening, (don’t make them wait for the download), a link to the lyrics for reading while listening, a link to your licensing policy, publishing and performing rights information and contact information to the appropriate person who would be making any deals on your behalf or directly to you.

Now your website is making it easy for those looking for music to record or a project needing music, to know that your music is available. If they are looking for a specific type of song, they can find it quickly without having to listen through all of your material. You have helped them zoom in on a potential song just right for their project. They can easily determine the category, the tempo, read the words and get all the necessary deal-making information they need to use your song.

Now you are pitching your music from your website 24/7.

The other way to go, is to place your music on a music licensing site such as Pump Audio or any number of other sites. The benefit of this is that those searching for music for projects search these sites because they know about them and they may not know about you. Some negatives are that there is tons of competition and they only pay a certain percentage that may be less than you desire.

Have you been itching to pitch your songs? Is your website working for you to do that?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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