Organize for the New Year

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Organize For The New Year

Organize for the New Year - by Jeri Goldstein     

Ready to organize for the New Year?

Here’s a great organizing tip to prepare for the New Year. Each year during the week between Christmas and New Years, or the first week in January, I go through my most used files and organize for the New Year.

This process coincides with my tax prep each year, so in one exercise I accomplish two tasks:

Getting my files ready for the New Year and getting my taxes ready for my accountant. Cool!

Here’s how I Organize for the New Year:

  1. I keep some of those collapsible storage boxes with covers up in my attic or get a new batch from a local office supply store.
  2. Then, I make sure I’ve got some new manila file folders on hand.
  3. I separate my personal from my business files to keep my accountant happy, so I use two boxes.
  4. Starting with my personal files, I go through my file cabinet and put the old file in the box and put a new, similarly labeled file folder in its place in the cabinet. Any information that needs to be kept handy from year to year gets transferred into the new folder.
  5. This process continues throughout the personal file drawers and then I move on to do the same with the business drawers.

When completed, I have my file drawers ready for next year’s file activity and my two boxes ready for me to go through when I prepare my tax info. It’s a quick way to organize for the New Year wile doing my preliminary tax prep.

Oh, and since its holiday time, I listen to some cool new holiday music I just picked up to keep a festive party mood going so it doesn’t seem so much like work. When I’m done, I feel ready to take on the New Year.

I hope this little organizing tip gets you ready for your next year.

I hope your holidays were filled with joy and you were surrounded by loved ones.

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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