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Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets
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Module 1: Tour Goals & Planning Strategies
Module 2: Routing Your Tours
Module 3: Negotiation Techniques & Contracts
Module 4: Working with Presenters, Bookers, Promoters
Module 5: Get Paid Playing Benefits
Module 6: Sponsorships – Additional Income Streams
Module 7: Targeting Your Markets for Maximum Audiences

Getting great gigs, building your audience and selling more merchandise is exactly what your career is all about.

BOOKING & TOURING Success Strategies & Secrets can help you do just that!

Download or listen online at your convenience.

Ever since I started booking my college’s coffeehouse many years ago, my life’s mission has been to help musicians and performing artists share their talent with appreciative audiences. As my career grew, I was privileged to present some of the top talents on the acoustic touring circuit, and boy did I learn a lot.

It has been even more rewarding to share the information I learned from two decades of booking and managing my artists with you through my book, my seminars, and my coaching. And it’s been so gratifying for me to hear how Biz Booster Hot Tips have made an impact on your business.

I have created this course so you have the strategies you need to book better, more profitable tours.

Now, get the in-depth information necessary to keep boosting your career. Why leave home to learn?  You’ll be doing enough of that when touring after you take the course!


I remember just starting out as a booking agent working with a few artists and how I actually dreaded doing the bookings and making those cold calls to venues bookers who didn’t know me and didn’t know my artists. It was very scary to open myself up for rejection or at least the possible rejection of my artists.

There were no booking courses teaching how to plan tours or negotiate. Running a booking agency is not one of the answers to that, “And what do you want to do when you grow up, dear?” question.

But, I was a very organized person — after all, I’m a Capricorn. I thought I could use my organizational skills to help some of the musicians I enjoyed and booked when I was a student.

Still, I didn’t realize it would be so hard to make the phone calls. It really bummed me out. One time a venue booker even asked me if I had the authority to book the act. There were other times when promoters were downright rude and just out and out told me they didn’t care for my artists. Rejection! That was a hard one to swallow.

I probably could have learned the ropes more quickly if I had gotten a job working at an established agency if I knew where to find one. It was a very isolating world back then — before booking conferences and email and Google search engines. It was a world of very high phone bills and overnight shipping expenses — and that’s before any contracts for gigs were signed.

I learned the hard way! I booked thousands of gigs and hundreds of tours and earned the respect and long-time friendship of top talent buyers around the world. And you can too because I am going to teach you what I learned and the strategies I’ve developed and tested for over 30 plus years. Couple that experience with new technology and social media strategies and Wow! You will be a gig magnet!

Jessica Prouty Band

Jessica Prouty Band

      Katherine Prouty - Testimonial

Khaiim, The Rap Poet

Khaiim, The Rap Poet

      Khaiim - Testimonial


Some challenges remain the same even with all the advances in technology—

    • How do you figure out which gigs are worth going after?
    • How do you effectively communicate with a likely booking prospect to create tours that build your audience and make you money?
    • What strategies can you use to take on this challenge in a more business-like manner to relieve the stress and anxiety of “making the call?
    • How can you rejection-proof the process and professionalize your approach to all aspects of booking your tours?

These are just some of the things I want to share with you.

Joanne MartinJoanne Martin, JLMartin Music, Artist Representation

“The Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets online course went above and beyond the information in Jeri’s award-winning book, “How To Be Your Own Booking Agent” and far exceeded my expectations. You’ll benefit not only from her course materials but her wealth of experience and “hands-on” supportive and enthusiastic coaching style. Whether you’re an artist who’s currently managing your own booking, or you are booking for others, this course will more than reward you for the investment you make. Don’t wonder, take the course!”

Greg Webb & Kiki Carter

Greg Webb & Kiki Carter

      Greg Webb & Kiki Carter - Testimonial

So what’s in the course already?

14 Plus hours of information, recorded in mp3 audio files that you may download and listen to at your convenience—like on your way to the next gig, perhaps. Or listen right on the course website page.
Downloadable Action Guide and Transcript Outline for each module’s notes.
If you’ve been following the preview emails with the sample content from each of the 7 Modules, then you know that each module will be jam-packed with information that you can begin to use immediately.

Information like:

How to change Making the Calls You Hate to Make into Calls You Enjoy Making to get the gigs you want.
How to Incorporate the 5 most used Booking Deals into your negotiations to make more money on a gig you thought you might not even get.
How to Set Touring Goals and add momentum to your bookings.
How to Understand each Booker’s Needs before you pitch to them to rise above the noise and help you look like a more attractive act to book than the other acts.
How to Strategically Route Your Tours to take advantage of more media.
How to Become Road Manager Savvy and why Advancing Your Tour Dates, is the most efficient way to avoid the 5 problems that can throw your tour in the ditch – if you’re not prepared.
How to Build More Loyal, More Committed Audiences by Connecting with Niche Markets specifically suited to who you are as an artist.
How to Speak Industry Jargon appropriately so you are taken seriously and make educated decisions knowing exactly what the bookers are talking about. This will empower you to present yourself professionally and negotiate effectively.
How to use a Contract Budget Settlement Form when negotiating to get paid what you really deserve on percentage gigs.
Ross Sutter

Ross Sutter, Singer of Traditional Scandinavian,
Scottish and Children’s Music

“I’ve booked myself for over thirty-five years but every time I take a course or a workshop from Jeri Goldstein I learn something new. I’ve always appreciated that she treats everyone in her courses with equal respect—whether you are someone who performs on big concert stages for thousands or play in people’s homes for just a few folks at a time—you can be sure Jeri will give you her best effort. Her strategies for finding niche markets is one of my favorite topics Jeri addresses in her workshops because it really has helped me develop new audiences for my music. In this course, she also had many ideas for developing new audiences and performance opportunities I would never have imagined. She isn’t afraid to give hard criticism but, you always know that she really has your best interest at heart. She wants you to succeed. The fee I paid for this course is the best investment I’ve made in my career in a long time.”

Judy Pancoast

Judy Pancoast

      Judy Pancoast - Testimonial

I’m not a big fan of theory; I am a huge fan of helping you get immediate results from these strategies and techniques. Whether you are beginning to tour or have been touring for years, this course will teach you new strategies that you can use right away to book your next gigs to help you move to your next logical level of touring.
You will be able to put these strategies to use in your next booking and touring situation.
Every negotiation technique discussed, you get to incorporate into your next booking calls.
Every writing assignment, you get to use for your next email communication, press release or introductory letter to a new booker.

So, if booking better tours is something that could help boost your career, I’d love to help you achieve that goal.

I’d like to share a success story with you from Joel Laviolette and Rattletree Marimba. Joel sent in a suggestion for a Biz Booster Hot Tip topic. I answered his suggestion in Biz Booster, Maximize Your Tours-Part 2: Monthly Media Methods. Here’s what happened when Joel put that very brief tip to use:


“Hi Jeri,
Thanks for your hard work and gift to the music community! I’ve been meaning to write to let you know that the tip that you gave in response to my question about touring in the same markets and how to build success was great. You mentioned getting in touch with non-profits. Well I have three gigs lined up in which we’ll be giving “awareness” to the non-profits (Ha! I am providing them an “exposure gig” with no pay! The tables have turned!!). Benefits to this have included mention on PSAs, public radio interviews (them calling me!!), getting on a bill for a world music festival put on by the same non-profit that we are helping, and opening up the university markets for teaching workshops. In short, your tip was awesome!”
— Joel Laviolette

Now, this is what resulted from a 3 minute Biz Booster Hot Tip! Can you just imagine what the results might be for you after 14 full hours of Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets?

Rattletree Marimba

Rattletree Marimba

      Joel Laviolette - Testimonial

Jenny Lynn StewartJenny Lynn Stewart, Vocalist

“Jeri Goldstein knows more about how to get bookings than anyone I’ve ever met. Her course takes the mystery out of how to get bookings. I am impressed with her ability to offer excellent solutions for any unique challenge. Jeri’s office hour calls are amazing because of her ability to think on her feet and respond immediately to each participant’s questions with terrific information. I highly recommend this course.”

So how’s this going to work?

Once you’ve registered for the course below, you’ll get details and links to the course Website page.
You will then have access to the course website where you’ll find links to download each module’s Action Guide and Transcript Outline.
You’ll also find the Play Button and Download Link to get each module’s audio on this page as well.

In addition to the course, I’ve got three valuable Bonuses I’d like to give you along with my booking course.

BONUS #1: Website Maximizer: An extra bonus class that helps you determine how well your website is selling you and what immediate changes and tweaks you can make. (Valued at $300, this is free with the course.)
BONUS #2: Copy Writing: How to Write Fan Emails, Press Releases, and Other Promo Copy: Here’s an additional class to share some valuable copywriting techniques that can make your communications with your fans, your booking, and media contacts more fruitful. ($300.00 Value)
BONUS #3: 6 Weekly Video Chats with Me to discuss how you are using the course strategies within your own touring career. We will meet using my Zoom video platform. You and other course members can ask me questions as we review each module’s information.


Success Strategies & Secrets

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Now to recap:

You get 14 hours of incredibly valuable information that will help make each and every tour you book from now on much more successful.
You get Downloadable Action Guides and Transcript Outlines for each module.
You get an MP3 audio of each module to listen to at your convenience, so you never miss a single idea.

3 Bonuses  that include:

Bonus #1: The Website Maximizer Seminar

Bonus #2: A Copy Writing Seminar

Bonus #3: 6 Weekly Video Chats with me and other course members

Success Strategies & Secrets

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Book better tours, using proven strategies!
It’s all waiting for you.

But here’s the thing; it’s my goal to give you new strategies and new ways of thinking about and acting on your career. I am not about quick fixes and tricks or shortcuts to fame—I don’t believe there are any. You can see from a full year of Biz Booster Hot Tips! that there are so many possible options, directions to take, methods to use to arrive at your goals of getting more gigs, getting better gigs and making more money. My approach is systematic, organized, thoughtful and tested.


Hi Jeri,
It has been so exiting participating in the Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets Course. I think it was a brilliant mixture of marketing and insight in the business spiced up with your extraordinary creativity that was and is a constant inspiration. The structure reveals that you have put a lot of work and effort in this seminar making it easy to understand. Having the possibility to listen to you adds a dimension to your written work. Listening to you highlighting certain points, stresses them more then just reading and makes them easier to remember. As a newbie you prevented me from some mistakes I surely would have made without your help losing precious time. I surely picked up the two year plan—it makes so much sense. Globally, I think that if I follow all your expertise I will succeed in my plans. What this seminar gave me is also an impulse to use creativity in all I’m doing.
You are such an inspiring speaker. I really enjoyed deeply listening to you, especially when you crystallized details, getting me to stop and think about them, and realizing afterwards how incredibly valuable it was to do so. I think you are gifted in the manner in which you pass on the information, it is so easy to understand. I appreciated your recommendations about ethical behavior and building up long-lasting relationships while working. This is exactly the way I intend to work. Or, your comments about understanding the dynamics in a band, paying attention to what is possible or not possible for them, and the importance to spend time and find their uniqueness. And so much more…
This course changed the approach I had from all the ideas dancing in my mind into to a structured, solid-based strategy.
I think the course answers all the questions about where, how, why, when to organize a tour and it will bring changes in the lives of my musicians. I’m really looking forward to begin my work with them.
It does not really do you justice, but I hope you got an idea how glad I am to have been in this adventure and what it meant to me.
Grazie mille Jeri,
— Daniela Vazzoler

I am all about giving value. I believe with your talents and the tools in my Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets Online Course, you’ll earn back many times your investment, possibly during the first few weeks you begin to work with these strategies.


If, after 60 days of using these strategies and incorporating them into your booking and touring work habits, you do not see a significant shift in the way you work and the results you are getting—I’ll refund your full registration fee.

I am making this guarantee because I want you to succeed. I want to work with people who want to succeed and who want to do what it takes to succeed. If you are serious about your performing career and are willing to work on your career, then I want to work with you to help you achieve your goals.
If you are looking for gimmicks—don’t take this course. But, if you are serious about booking better, more profitable tours, using proven strategies, then this course is going to give you a huge advantage and a major leap ahead toward your goals and your dreams! I can’t wait to get started working with you.
Jeri Goldstein

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Success Strategies & Secrets

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